Elbowing Jihad In Mali

There is trouble brewing in the Mosques here in Mali.  A struggle from within the house of Islam.

A Muslim welder in Sikasso was expressing his deep frustration over alarmingly disrespectful occurrences within Sikasso’s Mosques.

It seems that there are men in Sikasso’s mosques who are discreetly elbowing others beside them as they form up for the prayer lines. Elbowing the kind of Muslim people they don’t want around. It is supposedly occurring in the hopes of annoying  people enough that they will no longer come to this mosque. It is their way of inviting, or uninviting, the kind of Muslims they want around. The elbowing is undertaken in a sly manner our welder friend explained, hard to call people out on it.

However, their message is loud and clear.

What kind of religious people would elbow other people at prayer? Yes, radicals, or fundamentalists, and arseholes.
My friend stated it best,

“Real Arseholes. The elbowing Jihad.”

The welder felt men like this are trying to annoy the known moderates enough to go away. He confessed that there are some men in the mosques saying, “Moderate Muslims not real Muslims at all.”

Does all this alarm you? It is no surprise to me in the least.

However, there is great hope in this story. The simple fact that our Muslim welder friend, and others like him, are very upset about the trend, and are speaking out loud about the situation, even in full view of non-Muslims, is a very positive thing.

The exposure is a needed step to healing.  A local Muslim welder does not accept the behavior of religious arseholes, and he is saying so, out loud.

Arseholes are universally found in every nation, culture, and religion. Unfortunately, at times, we have been one too.


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