Finding Ancient Fossils

Took a motorcycle trip to Nova Scotia and stopped at the Joggin’s fossil Museum and beach.

Joggin’s has a beach area where fossilized plants, trees, and insects are found. It was declared a protected UNESCO World Heritage site.

My buddy, his son, and I, stopped in for the 1/2 hour tour. The guide took us to the beach to show us fossils still embedded in the bank, and gave us a talk about the region and its ancient history.  After which we were permitted to hunt for fossils (can’t keep them if we find any). He told us that if we found anything of interest, to show him.

As he spoke, not really saying much new to my ears, I discretely wandered back and forth behind our group turning over bigger stones and any flat rocks as I listened, and there it was.  Before our guide even finished his speech I actually found this fossilized mass of ferns. How lucky is that? I wasn’t even going to show my fossil to the guide, thinking certainly they have thousands of these specimens by now, and find them every day. It’s  a fossil area after all. 

However, my friends son urged me to show the guide. The guide was stunned, saying that it was an amazingly good specimen. After everyone in the group took pictures, the guide took my fossil right up to the museum. It seems that even on a UNESCO fossil beach, where fossils have been found, one does not find such quality specimens that often. The density of plants, the depth and contrast of the fern casts in the rock, made by ancient forces, were all very special it seems.


Amazing, I actually held a piece of imprinted cataclysmic ancient history in my very hands. A very extraordinary experience.

There you have it. I found a fossil. Made my day. It was an exciting discovery for me because I checked off a bucket list experience. Yes, hunting for fossils, and finding one,  was on that list. Finding a  T-rex would have been more awesome, but was exciting enough for me. 

I stated that if my name were to be written in some scientific journal, to label the discovery as, “Andy Rayner, from Puerto Rico”      🙂

Ever see a red-headed, freckle faced Puerto Rican before?  

Of course the eclectic group all laughed.

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