Ready For A Party Others Doubt Will Happen – Cultivating Urgency

I commented to someone a few days ago,

“I feel like a guy ready for a party that others are not so sure is going to happen.”

I arrive in Mali with a deep sense of URGENCY each year, because my time and terms are limited.

My urgency annoys the hell out of the people around me. I get that. I am a handful.  I make people tired.  But my urgency is not a character flaw. Annoying, yes! But wrong, no!

Look, I am not the wide eyed two-week short-term expert coming here to run around and change the world. I have been in and around Africa since 1995. I understand time, culture, people, and habits are different here.

However, I am sent here to accomplish a task, and it will be accomplished.

I arrived in Mali last week, and I am giving my Malian partner one week to let ideas sink in. We finally got a chance to talk a few days ago.

However, he hasn’t a clue about what is going to happen without him, if he does not wake up. Oh yes, I scouted three villages last term on my own, where I did development assessment surveys without him. Unless he gets his arse in gear quickly, to begin work in the villages we did identify together, I will be off doing my own work without him in these other villages in the mean time. My Malian partner is totally unaware of this.  I will be out there working without him, until he catches up, or clues in. Whichever comes first.

I am not wasting a single day in this country.

Why delay getting water filtration to families with contaminated water?

In this country children die every day because of water born sicknesses, bacterial infections, or infestations that are continuously weakening their immune systems.

Should we really delay getting water purification kits out there?  It might not be high agenda item for others, but it is for me. This is my mission.

Even though it has been only four days since my arrival to my town, it makes me heart sick to look at  a crate of filters sitting here outside my office door not in use yet.

“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” Jesus
“I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink…” Jesus

I would not drink the slop some Malian families have to drink. I would not take even one sip of that kind of water. Yet I feel it is alright to let them drink that slop for another few weeks, or months, until I, or my leisurely Malian partners, feel like getting our arses in gear.
Really? Urgency!

Why delay getting drip irrigated vegetable gardens in?

When a single bucket of tomatoes or green beans added to sauces over a month long period could be the vitamin boost needed, at just the right stage of a child’s development, that the vitamin influx might actually prevent the STUNTING of this child, the effects of which will trouble them for life.

The number of kids “Stunted” here is sickening.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” Jesus
For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat…” Jesus

This is no PR poke, nor joke I am writing about here.

I know some people think it is just a garden and water filter.

Whats the rush? Slow down! Chill, man!

Really? Have we become numb to the affects on the children around us? Water matters, a bucket of vegetables matter (which are vitamins and minerals).

Anyway, I assembled 149 water purifying filter kits yesterday. I will buy 150 water containers soon, and need to drill those in preparation. One more long days work and these kits are ready to go.

At least 1500 people with pathogen free water as a result of what you see  in the picture – and more are on the way.

Each filter removes all harmful bacteria from any contaminated water.  Each filter has a usage life to purify 3.8 million liters of drinking water.

3,800,000 Liters ×149 filters = 566,200,000 liters of pathogen free water.

Decades of Clean Water for Each Family Unit!

I have visited families were the whole family is suffering from constant Diarrhea and they don’t understand why. These bacterial infections weaken their body and immune system, making them even  more susceptible to Malaria and other life threatening nastys that a compromised immune system can’t as easily overcome, especially young children. Yet, two weeks later we return to news about how they feel so much better.

They simply didn’t understand the link between their water, and their struggling health problems.

Next I turn my attention to preparing over two hundred and fifty irrigation kits we have ready to go here.  I hope we can enter 100 new families into the drought season gardening this year.

This number is way over the top Crazy.  Frankly, I don’t know if I can do this. It will be our single largest project ever. I will do my best. This will mean more  drought season vegetables, and vitamins well over 1000 people.

I believe children shouldn’t have to drink contaminated water… as a Human right, as a mission.

I believe children should eat their vegetables too..(Thanks mom!), as a mission.

If you are not interested, or simply do not sense the same urgency about this as I do, that is fine.
However, I promise you this: There will be a Party! You are invited too.

The party begins this coming week! With you, or without you.

I will not run anyone over in the process. But i have no qualms about running ahead.

Here is the point….. I was hungry or thirsty and you gave me nothing to eat or drink.

It remains nothing  as long as we, chat, discuss, or wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month.

It only becomes something when the cup, or tomato is in hand.


Love To Hear From You

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