Hounded French Girls

Oh my gosh! I never cease to have encounters that give me stories to tell about life here in West Africa.

To the Malian who miss-dialed to my number three days ago. The one whom I told he had dialed the wrong number. The one who mistakenly thought I sounded like a young French girl with a cold.

Really? Big burly me?

Thank you for the incessant phone calls to my cell, daily, all day, even late at night, trying and get me to talk to you.

Thank you for that string of texts between attempted calls, asking me to please call you back.

But really, that last text, wow, when you told me your name, and expressed how you wished my cold would get better soon, and the kiss you blew me in the text.
That just made my day…. LOL

Got a small glimmer of what it feels like to be a hounded female, and it is not a good feeling.

I had to finally block his number. The mean little french girl in me made me do it.

I sound so dainty.

Love To Hear From You

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