Measure Of Success, Massive Failure, Gargantuin Heresy, And An Intimate Betrayal

I was listening to a podcast …  an interview with a wise old man. He said there are four things in Life that make us grow (Tom Moane). Tom explains that these four things radically change how we see life, drastically changing our priorities, birthing the deepest humility toward others, and igniting a deep mercy toward those who are caught in the messiness of life.

1. We All Need A “Measure” Of Success:
We need some affirmation. We have to know that we are, and do good for someone. We can become wrongfully addicted to seeking too much affirmation. We should not seek (take) affirmation, but we need to be given it freely by others in some measure.
Enables us to know that what we do helps others.

2. We Need A Massive Dose Of Failure:
Not being a little wrong, but TOTALLY wrong.  Something that proved WE were totally wrong. That what we were doing is shown to have been TOTALLY irresponsible. Despite our best efforts, it failed.
Some arrogance or judgement of another person or situation, and it is proved we were totally wrong.

Causes us to be deeply gracious toward others who fail massively, because we have too.

3. We Need To Discover We Were Part Of A Gargantuan Heresy:

And being delivered from it……
Just flat wrong – PERIOD no, (comma)

Something we believed for so long, fought for it as the truth tooth-and-nail…. And one day we realize it was a lie, it was not true. Absolutely a lie… and I bought it and it sickened me to know so.

It humbles us, and now we can talk to anyone who believes anything, no matter how wrong they may be, because we have been there ourselves. We then realize we can’t trust in any new movement, no matter if they claim to be on the cutting edge, the front line, nor even trust some long standing ideas and traditions. Our trust has to be placed in something higher than what man has created.

4. A Deep Intimate Betrayal.

Maybe a spouse, but not only a spouse. Maybe it was a close friend, or friends whom we withheld nothing from. We were open, honest, and transparent with them and we walked together.
Maybe we worked on some company or job, part of some institution, group, church or church ministry. And now they all hate you, are against you. You wake up one day finding fifty people hate you, saying nasty things and want nothing to do with you, and you have no idea why.

We understand the wounded person like no other now.

Tough things to go through. But the old guy probably hit the most critical and difficult experiences in life. None of us come out the other end without being changed.

Love To Hear From You

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