Four Years is “Only Four Years” To a West Africian

As much a wish to avoid Trump chat,  unfortunately I do get asked about Trump from time to time here in Mali, West Africa.
The posturing over Trump is something else. I don’t even care to talk or acknowledge the subject.
Media no longer reporting, but manipulating, thinking they get to choose the debate.  Media is a tool in the hands of people’s agenda. I can’t really discover both sides of the debate very easily from Journalists.
Journalism is broken in the West.
It is beyond redeeming civility from either camp. When you resort to the “ignorance, or “stupidity” of the other side of a debate, there is no discussion. Just insults and division.
Like people who have been talking about the “rural vote” in Britain against the European union, or the rural vote for the conservatives in Canada, or the Redneck vote of rural people in America.  The implication from Media, and the city type folks is, those poor, ignorant, narrow country bumpkins.
I am a country boy…. Thank you for dismissing all that I am, and do to contribute to this world.

“They know how to tell people what to do. They are trained in “telling” people. But they’ve not got the idea of listening, and bringing people to birth.”   – Jean Vanier

We are fluent speakers of insulting. Not talk… telling.
A few days ago, the day of the Inauguration, I had this conversation with a Malian friend while I was in the back alley buying groceries from a tiny kiosk in Sikasso, Mali.  I have been shopping at for six years now.
“I see Trump was inaugurated today. Did you watch it?” Malian store guy.
“No, I can’t bare hearing anything about Trump, from any side of the debate. I can’t talk about it much.
You do realize that most Canadians think he is crazy, don’t you? We live next door to him. It is not going to be very good.” I reply.
“Well, (With a long pause to think, and then he continued), it’s only four years right? If he is as bad as you think, it will be over in four years.” Malian store guy.
It is only four years.
Unfortunately,  we will be left with the same broken media, and the same broken relationships, the elitist will dismiss me the country boy.  And we will still have the lack of integrity to pick up the pieces, and that my friends, is not Trumps fault. That was our relational ethic when he arrived.
I despise Trump.  But I despise the whole “way” we are walking on.

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