A little Too Close To Al-Qaeda

A kidnapping took place in southern Mali last night. First time such a despicable activity has occurred in this South Easterly region of Mali.

It seems radical fundamentalists kidnapped a Colombian Catholic sister (nun) of a Franciscan Order.

At first I heard the woman was taken from Koutiala, the next town north of us. 140km is close enough for that kind of horrifying activity. A news site then said Gloria Cecilia was taken from a village South of Koutiala. This was getting even closer to home. Lastly, on twitter the village name was said to be Karangasso, and my heart kind of stopped, as I was in Karangasso a few days ago. My friend just spent four days in the second Karangasso we know.

So i was panicking to figure out which one it might be. And Shocked that this could be unfolding in villages I am associated with.

To my great relief I learned there are at least four villages named Karangasso, and it was not any village I visit or drive through at all. My heart settled.


It is still the Karangasso of someone, and they are now having to deal with the tragic reality that radical fundamentalists are active in their region, with local support. (As of this writing two arrests have been made of implicated locals). However, it makes little difference. Gloria Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, from Columbia is taken without a trace.

I’m sure the international community in Koutiala is rethinking their security measures, as are we.

It’s a sad day around here. A sad day for the locals, fo all Malians, as so very few Muslims support this kind of activity.

This makes three women taken by radicals in Mali within the last year.  The list of captives held in the expansive Sahara of Mali is getting longer.

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