We Did Party And Dance In West Africa

In one village we had a party to celebrate the women’s success in the drought season drip irrigation gardens.

I bought a goat, and my wife a sac of rice. We thought it would be just the women of one camp.

However they invited the women from two other camps we work in. We arrived to a full fledged party under way, with hundreds of people.  They played two balafons, three kinds of drums, a bulls horn – a literal one, and various kinds of shakers the women used.


It was one the the best experiences we have ever had in Mali. The women danced,  the men danced with feet moving faster than I ever thought possible. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long while. My wife got up and danced with the ladies…. A great video. Of course I was able to video record much with my phone.

However, I also did an audio recording on my Tascam recorder, and converted them to MP3 files. Unfortunately, their cheap Chinese cellphones cannot handle the large videos from lack of memory. I wanted to have something they could use. The MP3 audio files from the evening were doable. I cleaned up the recording on Audicity, and converted them to MP3

Therefore, this week, on my last drought season drip irrigated garden inspection with them, which I did not really need to be doing, because these women finally got it. It took two years with this huge group, but we got there. It was more of a goodbye visit.

Anyway, I sat under a tree with my smartphone, OTG cable, and micro SD card reader. And I loaded the MP3 audio files of the music party on around 50 micro SD cards for the villagers.

It was a kind gift they gave us. A memory we will never forget.

Hard to believe we will be back in Canada in a few weeks.

Love To Hear From You

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