Can God Shred Malian Music Speakers?

I actually prayed this yesterday.

“Dear God….. please break the bull horn speakers on that truck that has been blasting highly distorted music, from over amplification, of head drilling, pounding reverberations for the past two days in front of my home.”

Loud music is the marketing strategy here.  For promotion of something, to garner attention, businesses will rent these DJ guys with  cheap amps and  speakers, to blast loud music for days. They crank the power amplifiers so high that trumpeting music becomes very nerve gratingly distorted. I just can’t take it.  

The binky guitar picking songs with shouts of “eh, eh, eh”followed with a final long, “ehhhhhhhhh”, syncopated between the beets of rhythmicly fast music is especially wonderful.  Maybe the, “Eh!”, music thing is only testy to a  Canadian?

One time, the Orange cell company set up a tent to do a promotion. Music was blaring to draw attention to their awesome limited time bonus offerings. Crowds lined up for the deal.

Not to be out gunned,  the very next morning, right beside Orange’s tent, MaliTel sets up their tent, and they too begin to blast distorted music,  only sixty feet from Orange . This music volley went on for several days.

Orange won it seemed, for they had the longer lines.

However, MaliTel certainly out gunned Orange on the amplification  power. Their speakers  were larger, louder, and by far the most distorted of all. Unfortunately, for MaliTel, it was a situation where bigger was not better. They needed a better product to promote, not taller speakers.

Yesterday, I prayed in great faith, hoping that Almighty God can still shred speakers.

Really,  I’d have been very contented with a mere broken amplifier reply.

Just one broken wire, even, would turn me into an encouraged believer.  

Love To Hear From You

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