Mali Hashtag Gets Annoyingly Pornographic

You probably would rather not know this. But, gosh it is annoying.  

I hate that a twitter search for news on the country of Mali tosses up bags of porn now. Pun intended.

The phones went dead here in Sikasso and I figured something must be afoot. I have no idea whether the phone outage in Sikasso was related to the military activity, or simply a coincidence.

I flipped open my twitter app, beginning to scan for news on hastag #Mali, and it turns out military incidents occurred. 

However, it is annoying to undertake a hashtag #Mali search for the country of Mali now. Daily, people are hashtagging hundreds of porn images with the #Mali hashtag. This first began about a year ago, just a tickle. Right now, it’s crazy. 

Some famous girl must be named Mali, and the porn industry seems to be running with the name in hashtags to get more hits.

Is there any means of filtering that out, without losing local sources in Mali?

Sure, I hit the “Top” and  “News” filter tabs, and that helps to eliminate most of the porn

Unfortunately, this also puts me five hours out of the information loop. These filters assume common, large, or popular news sites have the news fast. I rely on local sources, and even local people in the region, for news. 

I have often been aware of issues several hours before the best local Malian news sources begin reporting on the Internet, and a full four or five hours before major world news sources report anything , if they report anything at all.

Sorry, I like my security information to be more current than that.

So I have to use the “Latest” tab, and that is where a #Mali search becomes pornographicly nasty.

I’m tired of having to scroll past asses, boobs, crotch, and G-strings, while trying to figure out if my country is having a meltdown. 

Is there any way to filter this out?

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