He Does Projects And Programs, But He Doesn’t Love Us

This is a good reminder to humanitarians, NGO’s, or other international workers and travelers that people and relationships are the real foundation of life, and work. Don’t ever forget this at home, or overseas.

I read his a while back, and it needs no further explanation.

“I was part of a missionary team in Morocco some years ago.  I asked the village leader why he had never given our team leader one of their names, a name that can only be bestowed on an outsider by the village leader.  He thought for a moment, leaned his head back and said that this man helped them, but that he didn’t love them.

Taught me that if I wasn’t there and truly loved people, that my “help” was not of much lasting importance to them as well.”     Clif Heeney

This is how I’ve stated it to my interns over the years.

“Some people leave Africa, leaving behind projects. Others leave behind friends. Work in such a way that you leave behind friends.” 

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