Marriage Advice from The Fisherman’s Shanty – Tip# 8 – For Feisty Redheads

A bit risqué, but I propositioned a brunette and was caught in the act. It’s true.  I rightfully got called out on my suggestive comments too. Talk about a humbling growing experience for a man.

I rarely write such personal details. However, this was worth an honorable mention for the pure hilarity of it all.

I awoke early, as I always do, rolled over and wrapped my arms around a brunette, who, by some shear stroke of serendipity,  I happened to entice into marriage a short while ago. Let’s face it, i am a morning person, and she is not. So we have developed a pattern of me hugging her a while before I rise to leave. Brunettes comatose state doesn’t seem overly disturbed by my early morning hugging prowess, so shortly after the day begins or me.

Seriously, I had forgotten I said the words, oblivious to the fact that I was caught red handed uttering them.

However, I was confronted later that day.

I rolled over, and in the embrace I verbally affirmed. “I am a feisty redhead, and I eat brunette for breakfast.”

Yes,  I actually said this.

I totally forgot I had uttered these mysterious early morning comments, until twelve hours later, when the brunette walked by asking me if I was awake enough to still be categorized as a “Feisty Redhead”?


“You heard me say that? You were awake?” Redhead embarrassing asked.

Yes, I was awake, and I was wondering where this was leading, until you immediately fell asleep and started snoring in my ear. When you awoke a few minutes later you just got up and left. Some feisty redhead I have on my hands there”, informed the brunette.

I thought you were asleep, i had no indication you were awake, heard anything, let alone were interested, or enticed by my daring sonnet.” replies redhead in his defense.

I was waiting to see where this was going, but you fell asleep right after saying it.”  Brunette.

Well that is embarrassing.

Marriage tip #8 from the fisherman’s shanty……

 Tip #8 A – If you claim to be feisty to a brunette, you better prove it true, or you will get called out on its truthfulness.

Tip #8 B – Always be aware of who might be hearing when you mutter grandiose things.

Tip #8 C – If your feisty is questioned, remove all questions.

But, hey, come on brunette, for gods sake, blink, move, or something, anything, to indicate wakefulness, or even remote interest in a feisty redhead 😉

Feisty redhead is going to head lobster traps. Catch you on the flip side of this day.

Love To Hear From You

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