Trails to Lobster Traps – Wild Planning

Two sets of planning going in my crazy head today.

Firstly, I am planning for my up and coming Lobster season. Been stitching funnels and heads for another fifty new lobster traps I already built. Today, my son weaved those heads onto the maple hoops, while I sized and stapled them.  Once finshed, we can begin tacking them into the traps, and lace in the blinds and webbing.


I called my dad, to see if he wanted to come for a ride, and he gave the affirmative.  So we made a run to the machine shop where I dropped off my stainless steel “High Roller”, the rollers used to haul the lobster lines over. I unbolted it from the boat yesterday because both the vertical and horizontal rollers were getting worn and require replacement. I figured I better get it to the machinist before the rush begins.W

We had already replaced the rollers once before, and at that time, my father-in-law  could not believe that poly rope could wear such a deep groove in a stainless steel roller. However, could we possibly fathom many how millions of revolutions that roller turns, while winding eleven kilometer of rope over its surface each day. A groove certainly does wear.

I also made a trip over to the marine electronics store. I hit a huge sea last summer, and the boat came down very hard. It snapped the face plate off of my navigational plotter.  Yes, it was a spectacular wave. The plotter electronics were not damaged, and it works fine, but the plastic brackets broke off. I figured the plotter is worth fixing, if possible. Turns our the technician had a face plate off of a unit that had fried electronically. So for $50 I had my $3000 plotter up and working again. That was excellent news.

Secondly,  while I sit here eating dinner, and typing this story for my 100,000 daily followers, all of whom are sitting on the edge of their seats each day for a story or two, I hauled out my East Coast Trail (ECT) maps and began scanning the route for my up and coming hike this summer.

Hiking 320 km in Newfoundland. Looking at the maps kind of made me giddy.   I had twenty three maps spread out on the table, and I am glancing over them as I eat.


Well, I better get back over to the workshop. Money makers to build.


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