Evening Shiver

Strapped on the Canadian winter flip flops and went to the woods tonight. It was my first time snowshoeing since returning from Africa. What a treat this was. 

Canada is such a beautiful country, even in winter. Winter is not so bad if you embrace the beauty of it. 

My youngest son Tim came along and said it was his first time snowshoeing. How did that happen? 

At one point we stopped moving in the forest to simply listen for a long time. All we could hear was the wind passing through the trees, nothing else. A wilderness kind of silence. 

We spotted a ruffled grouse on the trail in front of us too.

On return to the house in the five acre wood, I unstrapped the snowshoes and sat on my patio swing, simply observing, listening and absorbing everything as the sun disappeared from sight. An amazing dusky sunset finished off the evening perfectly.

At one point my wife stuck her head out the door to remind me my dinner was getting cold. I invited her to join me in the sunset, but the cold was not as appealing to her. 

I was so going to milk this refreshing moment for all it was worth. I stayed there until I began to shiver. My body and soul needed this. 

Made up for the blisters that popped on my hands while lacing lobster traps today. 

What a great experience.

Love To Hear From You

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