From Mali to The Pennine Way in England?

“Thanks for this great article, Andy, and for allowing me to have one of the most memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling weeks ever.” Rob Baker

Ganadougou Drummer

If you have been following my website you are aware of the music we recorded from the Ganadougou  people  in South Eastern Mali. Rob Baker is the ethnomusicologist, from England, who did the work for us.
He read the article we wrote about this special day. It was one of the best days I have ever experienced in West Africa, and it seems Rob felt that same way about the sessions.

Upon hearing that I love to hike, Rob invite my wife and I to come to England next year, to hike The Pennine Way with him.  It is a 267s mile (429 km) trail across southern England Pennine range.

Oh boy, I am so flipping excited about this. We hope we can corridinate dates that work for us both.

Check this video out and you will see why I am so excited.

I clicked with Rob the first time I met him in 2011, at a lingustics center in Bamako.  I told Rob that I hopped we could work together on a ethnomusicology project some day, that I envisioned needing his expertise, at some point, with the ethnic group I was working with.

I was returning from Mali, to Canada, the day I first met Rob, but I told my board members back in Canada I had met the most interesting man I had ever encountered in Africa.

Though I have been flying back and forth from West Africa for over twenty years, I have never vacationed or visited in Europe. I have flown through countries in Europe, but never to Europe to stay a few days. So this is a first for me, and I am so excited about the possibility.

It has been wonderdul to see how things have brought Rob and I back together in Mali.

Hopefully, again in the Pennines next year. Maybe even a ethnomusicology work after that, for the Bankagooma people in the future?

Ganadougou female singers fron our ethnomusicology recording sessions

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