Motorcycle Mama is Running With The EEL Man

I unleashed the beast….. in a woman.
Lynn has been entertaining the idea of learning to ride a motorcycle for a few years. She has been dragging her heals about it.

Suzuki had a very reasonably priced bike come to market in Canada for 2017. It is a full size frame bike, weighing in at 405 lbs. It has a 250 cc twin cylinder fuel injected motor that will still reach over 80 mph. Adequate for our province where we have a max speed limit of 90 km per hour.

The bike is not over powered for a learner so i feel good about this. I showed a picture of the motorcycle to Lynn and she liked it, and only $3700 too. She talked it over with our older boys, in their mid to early twenties, and they all agreed to go on 1/3rds and learn to ride. They will trade it in when they know what they would like to do in the future.

Suzuki GW250

I am happy to see her spread her wings and try new things. It is good for her.
The dealer got after me to trade my Burgman 650 in on a VStrom 1000. I love the Vstrom 1000, but i find the price tag revolting. Mind you my Burgman is worth almost the same price new. But i got it at a very good price…. and what they were asking for a 2016, i just can’t  justify  that much money even after a trade in. But, boy, i oh so love that bike. Some day, that bike and I will be on the trans-Labrador highway.

Anyway, I negotiated the deal for my wife’s motorcycle from the fishing shanty . The next day my son and I took a break from the fishing work and went to town to pay for the thing. They were building the bike that day, but still waiting for the center stand and back box to arrive the next day, and then install them both. Today, the motorcycle is ready to come home, but we had a huge snow storm yesterday. I will wait until a nice day to drive it home. I could get it with the truck, but I have no place to unload it here at home.

Been hauling lobster traps to the harbour. Was the first fisherman to begin in our port. Managed to get half the gear tied on. Next nice day we will finish the rest, as the remaining traps are in the shed right there at the port.

I am on to the eel nets next. As my son repairs our existing nets I started on the next step in fabricating new ones. Those 35 tubes I made in Africa are now getting the front hoop stitched in. I am still waiting for the other 6 size rings for each net from the welder.  But these 35 front hoops get me going on the work.

Also still waiting on  floats i ordered in January. That is really setting be back as well. Can’t stitch the 65 foot leaders  until I get those corks.

Here I am stitching in the aluminium front ring. SIX more rings, of decreasing smaller size, is required for each net. This will keep me busy, an ongoing project that will run into next year for certain.

The beasty motorcycle chick is stuck with an EEL man right now.

The other interesting thing was the arrival of my Oboz hiking boots.

Wow, love them. They have the best custom kind of foot insoles on the market. They are as good as custom orthodics. They sure helped the plantar fasciitis in my left foot.

Anyway, this is all preparation for the 320km East Coast Trail hike this summer. I have some serious priorities set. One of which is my heath.  That is a front burner item the next few years.

Well, enough from the fisherman’s shanty  for today.

Can’t wait to ride the motorcycle again.

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