A Wild Flower From A Book

“I tried learning my wild flowers from books. The pictures are sterile and out of context.”

(David Miller. AWOL On The Appalachian Trail)

I could apply this thought to other subjects also. Guttenbergers think books are the only way to gain knowledge and understanding.

We forget that the majority of the planet learns by conversation, with most people  in history having access to very few “writings-books”. A community, the whole of humanity even, is better off relationally because of this fact, if we would really have conversations versus making declarations and “talking at” people.

Ironic, that we will harp to people that truth is best learned and tested in community (this is pre-guttenberg thought and language, a time when a few had books), yet some of us are locked away in an office with piles of books honing our views, mostly in seclusion. We do it for the masses? Yet everyone in our hearing has access to the bibliophile’s resources, unlike pre-guttenbergers, yet we would question a person who goes off to study and formulate, using the same tools, their life path for herself?

My days are full as the lobster season is just days away. I decided to cut some of my lobster trap lines from seven to five. So today I need to cut, measure and then splice about four kilometers of rope.

I installed all the electronics in the boat today. This also includes a lot of new mounts and wiring to install a new max-sea ocean bottom mapping computer. I had to install a small electrical invertor to run the computer. Looking forward to the new tool.

Generally trying to get the boat ready to launch. It needs to be put into the water by the end of the week. The new engine needs its first startup and then put through sea trials for a few days. The mechanics need to be there for the first startup.

I finally received my aluminum rings from my welder and have four eel nets completed. Months of formless work is now seen in a finished product finally. 

The funnels and everything line up well. A very  good looking net. I am so glad the patterns i made worked out so well, as one never knows until the net is formed out on rings.

Will run as I was on nets since 5:30 AM and just got home here twelve hours later.

It actually warmed up for a short while, but a chilly NE wind came in right now.

I am getting antsy to get back to sea, but all this activity causes me to miss time to read a few books the last three weeks. That will be a luxury I have little time for over the next three months. When i stop i simply fall asleep. 

 “Our path is sure to cross that of other people who, out of love or pride, want to teach us something. How can we distinguish the friend from the manipulator?” 

(Paulo Coelho. The Book Of Manuals)

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  1. Jim & Crystal says:

    All the best Andy and crew for the upcoming lobster and eel season.


    1. Thank you so much… Have a great summer in SW Nova Scotia as well.


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