The Hiking Holy Grail

“A hiking Holy Grail.”

Craig & Kathy Copeland. About the East Coast Trail NFLD

By CNN Travel, the East Coast Trail (ECT) is rated in the top ten list of best secluded hikes.

Today I was going over my trail maps for the ETC. I am getting excited. No wonder, when you consider this high praise.

“The East Coast Trail should be Canada’s pre-eminent long-distance hiking trail and one that deserves to be world-famous.” 

Craig & Kathy Copeland.

Been busy preparing nets, lobster traps and boats. My fishing boat, Morning Reflection, gets launched tomorrow morning. 

We will spend the rest of the day hauling tanks and buoys to the harbour in an attempt to quickly finish many of the last minute lobster season details, so we can squeeze in a little more time for eel net work before lobster fishing swallows up every ounce of time for the next three months.

After the lobster season we will rapidly repair the lobster gear and immediately head to Newfoundland to hike the 320Km ECT.

Been stuffing my backpack to see what base weight I might be looking at.  My chosen pack is an Alps external frame pack. I’ll be the odd duck. But I’m a big guy and the pack fits me better. Also it has more room for my bulky gear. I am not wasting money to buy ultra-lite gear when i have gear here that is in fine condition. And my base weight is still at 28 lbs… not bad considering.  

I’m getting excited to be back at sea. Gosh I love the sea, and getting to hike 320km of coastline where we will see whales and icebergs from the rugged cliffs and forests of the coastal Newfoundland….. well, it’s going to be an epic adventure, whether we finish the total distance or not.

I’m approaching this as a journey, not a destination. 

This is a soul searching , and refreshing pilgrimage of sorts. A chance to breakaway from life’s routines and fracture my recent patterns of thinking. I have some life decisions to make, and set down my life priorities for the next decade. 

Can’t  wait. 

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  1. crystal McDormand says:

    Newfoundland—–hills! Be prepared.


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