Waiting For Our Soul To Catch Up – What’s The Rush?

“An explorer, a white man, anxious to reach his destination in the heart ofAfrica , promised an extra payment to his bearers if they would make greater speed. For several days, the bearers moved along at a faster pace. One afternoon, though, they all suddenly put down their burden and sat on the ground. No matter how much money they were offered, they refused to move on. When the explorer finally asked why they were behaving as they were, he was given the following answer: “We have been moving along at such a fast pace that we no longer know what we are doing. Now we have to wait until our soul catches up with us.”
(Paulo Coelho: Maktub)

We are moving along at such a fast pace that we have lost something. Maybe we have lost more than something, maybe this speed causes us to loose almost everything that matters.

My wife works an hour away and its eleven hours every day of her life. That is not including getting ready in the morning, and packing her lunch the evening before.  She is exhausted, her eye nerve is twitching as a result. 

I know there are bitches who think it’s just life, suck it up. 

“I work harder than you, so make it work whiner”.

I love people with the attitude they work harder than most others, and sprinkled with this arrogant idea they are worth more than the average person because they must be, in some way, smarter or more competent (As if the access, connections, and  opportunities are the same for everyone.)

So they interpret this kind of conversation as “Lazy”.  Little sympathy for people slogging long hours at minimum wage, and barely able to pay rent. People who will never own a reliable car like mine, could not afford the cost of our driveway, let alone a home.  I know many of them and I feel sad for them. They are smart, work just as diligently as the craby bitches, though those types don’t know it. 

How many times have we put our lives on hold until after the “busy time” only to discover it has been a very long time since we did anything else other than work and keep our house running?  No time for play, wilderness, fresh air, a swing, romance, seduction, staring into eyes. Rushing along in the activity of life and lost our soul.

“Her eyes alone are a 500 page novel.” ~Jonathan Carroll

I have been carving more time to enjoy moments, and implant more living memories, but we both need more time for our souls to catch up.

Much of our activity is to acquire, accumulate, then maintaining the cage we built for ourselves with all this stuff. Faster and faster we go. Have we not clued in yet? Working more is linked to consuming more.

Eighteen years of my life was spent trying to build a fire for others; to shield others from the smoke. I was wrong.

“The master …. one night…. asked them to build a campfire so they could sit and talk. “The spiritual path is like a fire that burns before us,” he said. “A man who wants to light the fire has to bear with the disagreeable smoke that makes it difficult for him to breathe, and brings tears to his eyes. That is how his faith is rediscovered. However, once the fire is rekindled, the smoke disappears, and the flames illuminate everything around him -providing heat and tranquility.” “But what if someone else lights the fire for him?” asked one of the disciples. “And if someone helps us to avoid the smoke?” “If someone does that, he is a false master. A master capable of taking the fire to wherever he desires, or of extinguishing it whenever he wants to do so. And, since he has taught no one how to light the fire, he is likely to leave everyone in the darkness.” (Paulo Coelho: Maktub)

Did we drank someone’s kool-aid? Life is getting faster and faster and we are just swallowing it down.  Our souls can’t keep up. It’s time we build the fire, sniff the smoke, and let our eyes water. We have been coozying up to other peoples fires, avoiding the smoke, and we lost our soul.

Share with me a small step you have taken to let your soul catch up. What setting or undertaking is refreshing your soul?

“It’s the story of my life. You see, the quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead. Now, as you look through this document you’ll see that I’ve underlined all the major decisions I ever made to make them stand out. They’re all indexed and cross-referenced. See? All I can suggest is that if you take decisions that are exactly opposite to the sort of decisions that I’ve taken, then maybe you won’t finish up at the end of your life” –she paused, and filled her lungs for a good should–“in a smelly old cave like this!”
― Douglas Adams, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Love To Hear From You

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