Brisk Winds, High Seas, & A Needed Prayer

Interpret the subtleties of weather from a fisherman’s statements.

Fishermen’s words should be probed, as those few luminous words speak volumes from a fisherman.

For example, when a Fisherman matter-of-factly says,

“It was a blustery week!”,

………………………  one should probably picture big seas that would probably scare most commoners, not a mere little toss of the sea

In the first full week of lobster season we already had a gale that kept us in shore, and it has been nasty seas every day since. We are in deep water so even a nice stiff SW wind can be wet and wild. 

Friday was a calmer day, finally.

My son and First Mate, Benjamin

However, here we are, stormed in, again, for the second time.

We knew the howler was predicted for today and tomorrow, so we baited extra heavy yesterday, putting all the bait into bait bags to help preserve the bait longer. The blasted sand fleas are at it already.

However, at the end of the day the synopsis changed, with gales now extending into mid-week. Nasty!

I also lost all my hydraulic oil  on setting day.  It seems Cummins marine forgot to tighten the fittings on the Hydraulic pump. Their mechanics got that repaired and then the fittings were still leaking just a little. They arrived a second time to fix that, and I had them change the engine oil since they were there, though I normally do that myself.

Unfortunately, I still have oil misting. It is no longer the fittings. I think it might now be the hydraulic pumps seal,  so I may need to replace the pump. I will know in a few days.

The upside is I got to feed my grandson, Liam, a lobster this week. He ate the whole thing too, plus two claws.

Of course one never just feeds a child mere lobster meat, and thus rob a child of connection to where his food comes from, and what it actually looks like. Such sheltering from natural animal food processes, in my mind, is foolish.

Therefore, the lobster goes on his tray, we had a prerequisite biology lesson before consumption of the crustacean. Liam was soon fingering and naming the antennae, whiskers, legs, flippers, eyes and mouth mandibles, before he did the expected simulated live chomping motions with the claws., which he did for a few minutes. After five minutes of lessons and play with the Lobster, it was only then time to eat him, and he did.


I found a few interesting words I had written a number of years ago, words that recorded a conversation I had forgotten until now.

Five years back (2012) I ran into a friend,  Stephen Cousins, from Mount Stewart, PEI.  He also recently returned from a month in Africa. He was in the Congo, and I spent five months in Mali, West Africa.

Stephen’s first words to me were this.

“Andy, I have been praying deeply for you and Lynn this past week, when I thought of you coming home to this place, the Lord put a prayer on my heart to pray repeatedly for you and Lynn….”

Stephen verbalized the prayer for me, the one he had been praying for us.

“May the Lord help you support the heavy burden of returning to an indifferent people, who will never ask you to tell them the story of what happened in Africa.”

I cried.

He understood why, too.

We internationals all understand why.

It has been soul refreshing to be back on the sea.

Thank you to my readership for demanding another story. Not sure why you follow this silly life stuff, but thank you.

Love To Hear From You

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