Feisty Red – Tossing Seas

Well we managed yet another storm day. Monday was a nasty day at sea, as was Tuesday for half the day. It was a nice morning until the the afternoon. I moved a ton of gear around too.

Lobster catches were down drastically as a result. With winds through the night, and it still stormy out there, there will be few lobsters again today, So why take the hammering?

Been wanting to get a new motorcycle, well new to me. I love driving motorcycles. However, they are way over priced for what you get. I can’t, in good conscience pay 10-15,00 for a new one, let alone the big cruiser costing considerably more than that. I am happy to pay around 500, max, after that my eye twitches. My priorities are different I guess.

I lucked out on a shiny, Red, 2014 Honda CTX 700 ABS, with 412 km. It’s a new bike. I paid less than half what a new one would cost.

Honda CTX 700AE ABS

Not sure how well I like the CTX yet.

The engine pulls like a tank. It red lines at 6500 RPM, so it is one wickedly torqued bike at low RPM. Supposedly, it has the same motor as the Honda Fit car. Imagine that. The engine pulls hard, like no other bike I have ridden, with this very low, not wild RPM thing happening.

I took it to get it inspected yesterday and the heavens opened up on my way there and back. —— In seven degree Celsius, and 25 knot East winds. I almost had frostbite from the wind and rain on my wet legs. A brand new bike, and my first ride is in pouring rain. Many people will not drive in a drop of rain. I guess I may as well get it dirty the first trip out, and break that pride first as last.

At the inspection, I am thankful the mechanic check the tires for air. I had only 5 lbs in the front tire, and 10 lbs in the back tire. That could have been bad on the drive there, if a tire went down on the rim.

After purchasing the bike, I took it home on the back of my truck, arriving at the house at 11:00PM at night, unloaded, and was off to sea at 3:30AM.

Needless to say, I never even had time to check the bike over. We have been out fishing so late most days, that the first day I was in early enough to get the bike in before closing hours, I jumped on, and quickly drove to get the inspection. On nearly flat tires.

There is a lesson learned.

Today, I was able to get insurance and register the bike. Will see how the motorcycle proves out.

However, right now, I am waiting for these Easterly winds to go away so that I can actually drive the thing some evening.

my first impressions, from the first 14km in the rain, is that I expected better from Honda. It does not ride nearly as well as my Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter. I was spoiled with the Suzuki’s full fairing that protects you from the wind and rain, head to toe. I found my feet trying to be blown off the foot pegs of the Honda as I drove 100km per hour. I am not accustomed to that kind of wind on my lower shins, ankles, and feet. I really don’t know how it compares to other cruisers, as I have never driven any other style of bike other than my Suzuki 650 or my Yamaha 400 Big Maxi scooter. and they have great wind and rain protection.

I ordered the taller wind screen, the bike needs it. Also a passengers backrest, and the Honda side cases.

I have been spoiled with the 62 liters of storage under the seat of the Suzuki Burgman.

I could pack enough for two people, for a three day trip under the seat on the Burgman. So functional. The backrest and cases for the Honda were all pricey, but if I hope to have my babe in tow, we will need a place for rain gear, a purse, and a few groceries, and something to keep her from sliding off the back of the bike.

I have no experience with many other models of motorcycles. With such limited exposure to rides on other bikes I can’t really measure and compare.

The Honda CTX700 had great online reviews, but I’m not as impressed as the youtube and written reviewer were. Again, I have not ridden other motorcycles enough to know.

However, for me personally, the verdict is not out on this bike yet. I can’t say as I love it right out of the starting gate. I’ll give it time to grow on me. No odds, I will enjoy the wind, and illusion of freedom. I am not into image, and the price for a great bike was spot on for my personal conscience comfort.

I have a few long Sunday motorcycle adventures planned.

Love To Hear From You

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