The Fisherman Footloose and Fancy Free

Finally, a day to ride the new 2014 Honda CTX700. With only 412 km on the motorcycle, the CTX did not even have the break in miles yet. I added another 350 km Sunday so it is just about time for the first oil change.

It was mothers day, but the fisherman’s curse is being awake at 3:30 AM, day off or not. Meaning I watched the sunrise as I cleaned the kitchen for Lynn on mothers day.   I stuck my head in the bedroom and asked if she would mindrd if I went off on a motorcycle adventure. Lynn said did not mind.  I asked if she would be sad, and she said only a little, but it was the first  nice day to ride in weeks, so go.

There has to be a mother out there who’s best mothers day gift would be a day to do as she pleases, without kids?????

Anyway, the longer I drove the CTX the more comfortable I became with it. My first riding impressions, as you read a few articles back, were not so favorable.

However, now I am enjoying the uniqueness of the bike. It handles very well, responds to quick adjustments, and the wind does not bother the handling at all. The mileage is impressive too.

Anyway, I headed down the island to Charlottetown, said a quick hello to my Father-In-Law and headed home at noon.

Sitting in the retro vinyl covered booths at Kings BBQ with Pad Thai

I stopped at Kings BBQ for Pad Thai, and it was awesome as usual. The place was filled with 90% Chinese clientele, telling me this is one of the more authentic places in town. Many a motorcycle adventure passes by there for some reason.

I returned very tired, but filled from the adventure, a needed filling.

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