The Churning Sea Prepares The Hiker

Took a hike today. 

Needed a little nature to recharge my batteries. Heck i work at sea every day right now, that is nature also.

However, i needed a little forest.  Our 320 km hike on the East Coast Trail, Newfoundland, will arrive soon enough. One would think i need to hike to get in shape. I assure you that a rolling deck of a fishing boat develops very strong legs, and an exceptional  workout after a thirteen hour day. The bracing  and running on a moving deck make carrying 45 lbs easy on dry land. We recieved a very good hammering at sea yeaterday. 

Do you see the ant?

I enjoyed the sound of the heavy Nor-West wind in the spruce trees. It is a sound you never hear in Mali, West Africa. Different trees make different sounds that are not reproduced in other nations. 
The forest is sounds. Sometimes very faint, other times houlingly loud.

It’s a good practice to close your eyes and listen, trying to identify each sound we hear. Refreshing practice. Sometimes we walk for the sake of getting distance in, but i have been concentrating on lifing my head and focusing my eyes to see amazing things, my ears to hear what no city knows. 

The signs of budding new life are finally emerging. 

It was a great soul and sensory experience. 

I’ll be back to sea tomorrow, and I enjoy that too. 

My life was that simple today, by choice. 

Love To Hear From You

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