Have A Great Ride Hun! And Other Unexpected Things From Strangers

I will get to the point of the bathroom selfie in a few paragraphs.

A fisherman’s day off consists of waking up at 3:30 AM, turning over, and getting up at 4:30 anyway.

So I made coffee, and watched the sunrise as I sipped. The motorcycle club I am a part of was doing a ride today, and I was thinking of going with them around noon.

However, that is just too late for me today. I am a morning person. I had prepared the motorcycle just in case the urge struck. If the weather was fine, I would leave Prince Edward Island for a tour on the Sunrise Trail in Nova Scotia.

At sunrise, it was only five degree Celsius, but I loaded up the bike and pulled out of the driveway for an adventure.

I felt I needed to get a break from PEI. All this was confirmed to me by the time I hit the Bridge.

I still caught the late sunrise over the Goff Bridge, not far from my house.

I was all suited up with four layers on the bottom and top. But I needed them, as it was still cool cruising.

I made it all the way to Borden-Carleton, with two coyotes running across the road in front of me. At first I thought they were fox, but they were too large. They stopped in the field after crossing, looking back at me. They were huge brutes after all.

I fueled the bike and went into the Tim’s for a breakfast sandwich and coffee. There is little seating and 75% of the space was taken up by eight local, older men. I said hello when I sat down and no one responded. They carried on with the most trivial small talk I have heard in ages. It was mindless conversation. I was sitting there thinking, “Really, you got up on your day off to come to Tim’s and sit here to have this level of interaction?”

No joking, it was just annoying to hear the nature of the conversations. I am not normally like this. I could not even finish my coffee.

I was so cold from the hour and a half ride that I sat there with all four layers of clothing, trying to warm up a little.

Finally, I stood up and went to the rest room. When I got in there I was shaking my head and hoping my life never becomes that as I age. I saw myself shaking my head in the mirror, and then realized I had to strip off four layer of clothing to use the urinal. So, not to be out done by ladies showing off their stuff in selfies in the bathroom, I did my first ever bathroom selfie, before I started stripping down after the mind numbing communal pow wow. I think my face said it all.  

I had no place to hang anything, and lets face it, if I stripped off my stuff and another guy entered that would send off alarm bells of some kind. I concluded i was not doing that. 

So I used some physics and leverage and got the job done with all four layers attached. 

Confederation Bridge. 12 km long

Now I was ready to cross the 12 km Confederation Bridge.

I had the funniest conversation with the toll booth lady. I pulled up and asked her how she was today. She informed me that her day started rather badly with her van dying on the way to work, had to have it pushed off the road. It seems that her alternator failed and the battery died, and the fuel pump etc shut down.  I said that I was sorry to hear that.

“I’d rather be on a motorcycle today than in here (the booth). But it would be rather cold riding today, isn’t it?

Yes, but I have already been on the road for almoat two hours now, and I have enough layers on that I am doing OK. Anything is better than laying around the house on a day off right?

“That’s for sure. You have a great ride HUN!”

There you have it. It sounded so funny to be called “HUN” in such a manner as this. Nothing whatsoever is meant by such a statement;  it’s just the way some folks talk around here.  Like the  fiery Scottish redhead at the Caledonia, in Toronto, who called me “Love’ when I ordered a haggis.  I’m no eye full for anyone, and I know it.

But being called “Hun” by a stranger at 49 yrs of age is kind of funny.

Well, “Hun”  had a great ride…. and was so glad to get out of that Timmy’s in Borden.

More to follow.


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