Why South Wind Is Pure Poison & Lies

This is what my uncle always said about lobster fishing.

“South wind is pure poision for lobsters.”

A first mate of my fathers put it this way,

“South wind rocks lobsters to sleep, they don’t move.”

Lobsters don’t trap well in South wind it seems. So, unfortunately, the crustaceans are probably avoiding my traps today as I take my Sunday down day. The lobsters may not be crawling, but I am.

So, I crawled out of bed, loaded up the motorcycle with my hiking gear, drove an hour and a half away out of western Prince Edward Island, to hike the Breadalbane Trail.

I sent a message to friends as I left, at seven AM, letting them know my plan, and sure enough they showed up at the trail too.  It’s nice to have friends you can send wacky wake up messages to in the early the morning hours, and then they actually hop up to join you in your whimsical nature adventure.

We came across a ruffled grouse with six chicks who actually fluffed up and charged us several times, to within ten feet of us.  A first time experience for me. All the years I have hunted, trapped, and hiked the forest, I have never had a grouse charge at me.

I saw a few crows chasing off a Bald Eagle as well and think i may have captured the battle in the audio though not in video i was taking. They were chasing the bald eagle up the stream, and away from something.

I took the time to approach an old building near the trail, wanting to capture this history in picture.

My Sunday meditation had me stuck on these thoughts.

“The True Self is not the perfect self. It merely participates in the One who is. Holiness is not always wholeness; in fact, it never is. God alone is whole and “good,” as Jesus says—when even he is called “good” (Mark 10:18). I hope that frees you to be less judgmental of others and more patient with yourself too.” (Richard Rohr. Immortal Diamond)

“You yourself are a traveling ark of the covenant; you hold and guard the space where the Presence shows itself.” ~ Richard Rohr

And not to mention that I had a super ride on the motorcycle.  Hit a serious southerly crosswind on the way home. One of the worst I’ve ever driven in. But the Honda CTX700 did well handling the situation. The bike passed that test.

“Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

All in all a fine early day.  I was reminded that what education, institutions, structures and economic forces have said is important… much of it was lies.

“In every age, people are certain that only the things they have deemed valuable have true value.”

(Salt: A World History. pg 13)

Love To Hear From You

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