Seaman Adventures

“I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.” (Leonard Nimoy)

I can’t imagine the sea taken from my life.

Over the last few years a surprising number of people have asked me if i ever felt like I wanted to walk away from fishing and focus on other things.

Mind you my life  has been full with so many other activities besides fishing. Things like Africa, and other things i don’t often mention here.

However, I love fishing. The fresh air, the hard physical labour, the views, the early morning hours. Fishing is as much of who I am, just as Africa has become. I’ve been working at sea since i was nine years old. This is 40 years of my life. This is my life. 

No, I have not thought of walking away from fishing. At least not yet.

Being a seaman is a rare breed now, it’s  an experience the majority on his earth will never know. This is a gift.

Been a cold windy season, and i had some challenging weeks in catches.

Thankfully, it looks like the bills will be paid.  I’m not out to be rich, I’m out to be my own boss.

I’ll share a few pictures.

“Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier.”

~William Petty


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