Birthday Girl, Zimbabwean Doctors, Al-Qaeda And Lobsters 

The highlight of the week is Birthday girl.
How on earth have we gone from married at twenty, to married at fifty? I’m beginning  to understand the statement. “A young person trapped in an old body”.  I still live, move, and have my being feeling 29 all the while. Yet, I’ll be fifty years old in the fall also.

We will be celebrating the ladies birthday on the weekend.

Been observing security things unfold in Mali. The work and workers in a town 150 km north of my area were actually mentioned in the receint Al-Qaeda proof of life video for six hostages in Mali. They had video clips of a short term American team that came to the town this past December as well. So they are seriously on AQIM’s radar.

As a result, this group of people were advised it is “very unsafe” in the region. So they are evacuating staff out of two major towns in Mali. There are few workers outside of Bamako remaining these days.

Anyway, sorry to watch it all unfold. 1000 radicals hold a whole nation hostage in West Africa. Lives are being uprooted because of hate.  I was getting vibes this past Janaury and February that a mood had changed. Could not put my finger on it. This is from a guy who predicted the 2012 coup to within two weeks.

Anyway, still repairing lobster gear. I was a bit vexed yesterday as we had a cooler day, but from 1 pm until almost five was spent waiting at a Doctor’s office, and then the pharmacy.

However, my Zimbabwean doctor is amazing, though a persistant rash i picked up on my knee in Africa is concerning  her. She gave me another cream, but is also sending me to a skin specialist…

I shared how the Doctor in Mali gave me a scabies cream… but i knew it was not scabies, rather I needed a steroid.

However, no steroid cream could be found in Sikasso. The scabies cream did help the itch, but that is all it did. We had a good laugh about how prevelant scabies is. She was laughing saying.

 “If this was scabies the african doctors could have cleared you long ago. Scabies creams are in every pharmacy in Africa.”

So i came out with a specialist referal and papers for about 15 blood tests. But that woman looks after me like no other Dr ever has. I am thankful for her. My family dr, whom I have seen only twice in six years, takes 2-3 weeks for any and every appointment. Resolving any minor health issue with him takes 6-9 weeks with him. My Zimbabwean  lady gets me in the same day I call most times.

I thanked my Zimbabwean doctor for sending me to a specialist for my foot last fall. My other Doctor threw drugs at it for six months with no relief. The specialist said it was Plantar Fasciitis. I had never heard of the common ailment. The physiotherapist he sent me too showed me two stretches that gave me 85% relief within three days, drug free. Imagine, suffering that long when stretches, not hundreds of dollars worth of drugs, could easily remedy the medical issue.

We had a great laugh as my Zimbabwean  DR then had me showing her the stretches i was taught to do. She had me demonstrating then fixing her own form as i helped her to understandt how to do the stretches properly as she stood on a foot stool. Oh the laughs we had. Then she said that she needed to go see this physiotherapist too.

What a hoot she is. Me playing doctor to a doctor.

A little over half the lobster gear is repaired and stored now. Back at it any minute now. We begin about six AM to beat the heat each day. I’ll finish sipping this coffee first and listen a little longer to the birds waking up in my five acre wood.
We will soon be hiking a 320 km trail in Newfoundland.

Got to get this work wrapped up and get ready for the upcoming eel season.

Love To Hear From You

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