An Ancient Tribe – The Unheard Story

“I am here because I’m a member of an ancient tribe and in my tribe we believe that every person is an image of God and this is why I am here.”

While attending to a Sudanese woman’s serious wounds after being brutally abused in unspeakable ways by Sudanese soldiers during Sudan’s civil war, a western nurse, who was Jewish, was asked by the woman she was caring for.

“Why are you here?”

The nurse thought for a minute, wanting to use words this women might understand, and the only reply that she could come up with was this;

“I am here because I’m a member of an ancient tribe, and in my tribe we believe that every person is an image of God and this is why I am here.”

Bash faith people all you want. They are the overwhelming majority of workers globally serving to meet the deepest needs in the most difficult places. The majority of villages in underdeveloped nations would have no one helping without them.

Jewish or Christian church folk are on the front lines, like no other group, serving the medical needs of men, women and children infected with AIDS.

The worldview of Christians and Jews have a real foundation for serving.

They beleive all people are created in God’s image, and have inherent value and worth because of this. Therefore, we are to LOVE (defined in scriptures as to “serve another by real actions), and pray for all people without favortism.

Certainly there are faith people who may not practice it well.

However, international aid, medical work, and development work would grind to a hault globally without these people acting on this principle of faith. Tens of millions would suffer and die without their activity.

Wherever I go in remote Africa, I see few secular agencies or people moving in to serve a comminity for decades. Yet I do run into these faith people, from diverse nations, living in the simplest of conditions  where tgey serve people for years, decades, even lifetimes.

Their faith’s “religious” beliefs really need no articulation or defence. Their lives, not FaceBook, demonstrate what their faith really believes and practices.

I know three christian women serving the needs of women and children in Mali, West Africa, who are at this time kidnapped by Al-Qaeda, one for over a year and a half now. French, Swiss, and Columbian ladies, for one of whom is the second time to be kidnapped by Al-Qaeda. She went back to serve her people after the threat was supposely gone, and she was taken again. They stayed and served the poor, the sick, and in the most obscure places most won’t go.

There is an ancient tribe who still believes we are all created in the image of God, making each one worthy of love, service, friendship, and transformation, regardless of the choices they have made.

That includes, drunkards, gluttons, perverts, murders, gays, transexuals, philanderers, whores, liars, impatient, bitchy, and me….. and …… etc.

“I am a member of an ancient tribe and in my tribe we believe that every person is an image of God and this is why I am here.”

Now go serve where you are accepted, wanted, and above all, needed.

Love To Hear From You

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