Walking The Path With Others

“There is the story of a disciple who approached his teacher and asked, “It seems to me that by having good friends and advancing together with them, one has already halfway attained the way of enlightenment. Is this way of thinking correct?” The teacher replied, “This way of thinking is not correct. Having good friends and advancing together with them is not half the enlightened way but all the enlightened way.”

(Jim Palmer. Notes From Over The Edge)

Everyone needs a friend, one we can say anything to and they still happily go for coffee with us, yet a friend who has no qualms telling us when we are going down the wrong path, or just being an ass, all the while affirming the good in us also.

I’m realizing so many people do not have this gift of friendship, nor this gift of honesty.

The bonds of relationship and community are deeply broken in many ways.

We’ve probably all read the African Proverb that says,

To go fast, go alone.

To go far, go with others.

There is a lot of truth in this i think.

But the truth is, it only takes a few people. If we had two or three, it would be enough.

Many a people walk in and out of many events and institutions seeking, longing, hoping to finally find one, even just one honest one. Don’t assume their presence means they have a connection.

“Just because we share the same space does not mean we have community.” Charles Moore

Will you be that tried and true one for someone?

Love To Hear From You

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