Delightfully Seeing Beauty

I’ve been looking over some beautiful photos, and this one from Saint John’s, Newfoundland stood out to me. It captures beauty, art, sensuality, and love so well.

People are distinctive too. Here are a few strangers I was able to photograph as an official “PRESS” person. Yes, amazing, eh? Having been asked to take pictures of an event for Salty Digest located at .

He is a character. A real ruffian with style and a story to boot.

“I like seeing people when they can’t see me.” ― Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

This young woman was doing her thing, minding a booth at the “Fall Flavours” event in Northport, Prince Edward Island. What eyes, and a lovely smile.

“Let every eye negotiate for itself……” William Shakespeare

“Rescue comes by selfless will, courage, and at times, sacrifice for others.” Andy Rayner

“The whole assembly then agreed to celebrate the festival seven more days; so for another seven days celebrated joyfully.” 2 Chronicles 30:23

Love To Hear From You

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