He Could Choke In Ivory Coast

From a letter i sent home from Ivory Coast in 1997…. our firsts minutes back into the country. The Airport was chaos in those days.

“We arrived 5 hours late (to airport in Abidjan), called and found that Milton (Milton Clark) was ready to leave (Abidjan) not knowing where we were since we did not have 2 seconds to call anywhere until we arrived. Once outside the airport, we stood and waited. The police carried out a guy who passed out on “booze” and just threw him on the ground in front of us between two taxis and left him here. Our porters (Of our 11 suitcases) helped us turn him over (so he would not choke) and put him in a safe place. But they just kind of laughed at us when we said he could choke that way.” (Ivory Coast, west Africa. 1997.)

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