A First – In Six Gears

“Bad fishing makes for easy decisions” Andy Rayner

We fished seventy nets Friday, two days fishing, for about 8 lbs of eels. Yes, that bad.

My eel buying guy called Friday saying he was coming buy with the tanker truck to pick up our weeks catch of live eel on Saturday morning. We did not have very many to sell but we were out the door at 5:30 AM to bring the crates of live eel ashore, after which we loaded the dory back on the trailer and waited for his arrival.

As we waited, we had this view. I anchor my live eel over by that point in the distance.

A fellow fisherman arrived and he is having as dismal a success this eel season as we were.

My son asked if I was going to fish any nets today, I said, “No way. The nets can wait a day.”

My oldest son scored his motorcycle licence this summer.

“How about we take a motorcycle run down the Sunrise Trail instead? We will have few motorcycle riding days left to ride this year.”, I said.

The idea was sealed.

We sold our eels, headed home with our dory in tow, ate a hearty breakfast, prepaid the bikes, and headed across the confederation bridge to Nova Scotia.

We went as far as Tatamagouche, and turned around for home. The maple trees were out in full fall colors. On the ride home through Miscouche, just outside of Summerside, it was like riding through a rainbow.

All in all we got a good seven hour ride in about 15-18 degree temperatures. Made a nice memory.

Son with his new Suzuki GW250. A great size learning bike. Full size street frame, but not over powered for beginners of any age.

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