People Are More Important Than a Rotten Deck?

I am a basket case right now.

Been a crazy few weeks trying to get the last of the fishing season and gear storage wrapped up before the snow flies.

We have had unusually warm weather and this helped me address many things around my property that have been neglected the last six years of working in Africa. I often land fishing gear, doing what I can, and then leave very quickly for Mali.

I had three decks that desperately needed painting. Neglected for the last 6 years. I prepped them for painting in  the hopes I might actually get a day to do the painting. Today was the day, thank God. Imagine, painting in Canada on the 28th of October.

As we worked, I commented to my 26 year old son how I am shocked at how many things I have been neglecting around here to go and serve in Africa. These decks will rot a lot faster than they should have from the neglect.

You know what My son said?

” Well, dad, you were doing something that is a hell of a lot more important than painting decks after all. So what if they rot off, people are more important than preventing a deck from rotting. You can replace a deck any time you want to, after all, can’t you?”

“Wasting your life is worse than losing it.” John Piper

My son’s wisdom humbled me today. He turned out alright.

I have nothing more to say today.

Love To Hear From You

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