When Our Feet Betray Us

​”I had always seen myself as a walker, so I was not prepared for pain. If I had expected the Camino to be a test in any way, it was emotionally: would I be able to stick with it? As things turned out, that was the least of my problems. From my first step, my commitment to finishing was never in doubt. Instead, it was my body that threatened to “betray” me.” (Robert Ward. All Good Pilgrims)

(A story from fall 2016 i never hit publish on)

Who would have thought  a few stretches would  manage the pain of Plantar Fasciitis? To no avail my GP Doctor has been throwing  anti-inflammatories at it for 8 months . I never heard of this condition before.
However, at the hands of a physiotherapist i was given a foot ultrasound and three days of stretching homework, and the fasciits was 75% resolved. I had a second treatment. The inflimation is down.

I still have sharp pain if I push on my arch, just in front of the heal, but it never once hindered my hiking, even  though it was painful at times. I founds standing still more painful than walking.

However, no longer having the feeling of a painful golf ball under my foot in the arch is nice. I just hope this will cure in time.

I pulled something in my foot while in West Africa last February while walking through a rough uneven field and the strain healed wrong.

Fishing season  really set it off.

Anywy, I stretch the tendon daily and it gives me the much needed relief. Far from healed, but better. I discovered spenco total max support insoles and my feet have never been happier. I have them in every shoe and boot now.

The other adventure was a whirlwind ten day trip to Edmonton, Alberta  We arrived to cooler temperatures, soon followed by an indian summer.

I really love this city, the vibe resonates with me. I love the no nonsense manner of the people. They lack the deep roots of tradition,  and drama of the east coast. Many people are transplants seeing work in the booming oil region. The end result is a people who are more open and progressive in their thinking.  They don’t seem to hold things so tightly, giving great lattitude to others.

We have a great group of serious supporters for Man of Peace Development there.  Frankly I’m humbled by their generosity.

Met a retired German. One of the most happy and genuinely kind men i ever met. When he heard about us using motorcycles in our work he shared a story.

HE bought a WW2 motorcycle in the late 1950’s and drove around four countries. In the end it broke down. Pushing it to a hotel he stayed the night after asking the clerk if he knew anyone who might wanted a bike. He sold it the next morning for the price of  ticket back to Germany.

This kind gentle man has some serious travel balls. A true testament to the proverb, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Love To Hear From You

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