When AID Functions As A Kickback 

“In 1995, the director of the U.S. aid agency defended his agency by testifying to his congress that 84¢ of every dollar of aid goes back into the U.S. economy in goods and services purchased. For every dollar the United States putsinto the World Bank, an estimated $2 actually goes into the U.S. economy in goods and services.”Globalization: A View from Below, BY JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE

CIDA in Canada does the same shit, if you recieve their funding.  International workers are forced to source all supplies (when humanly possible) from Canadian companies,  and then ship from Canadian companies

We are severly restricting the scope of benifit for our local host country business, who often can supply more economically. If we support local supply mechanisms in our host countries we will extend and increase our impact by ten fold. 
Sourcing our bedsheets, mosquito nets, or agricultural or construction product from local sources whenever possible. Even if it costs a little more. 

Why? Because by doing so we will multiply the people we assist by ten fold. We support everyone from importers, dockworks, truckers, supply warehouses, stores, and then the people we work with hand in hand standing before us. Strengthen the local supply and market mechanisms within the country. Which is the crucial foundation to sustainability and true development.

When we get NGO status to bring in duty free product, (and we have to bring the product from the US or Canada as our AID packages insist) we are directly competing against and undermining local people in those local business.  

The dirt side of the AID industry. The Dollar value to be given looks awesome. Howevet, the donating country gets a return by insisting all the tools be bought in Canada or the USA. Then we undermine local supply people as well. 

“We are still moving from misery toward poverty with dignity” 


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