Too Weak To Carry Water

While working in Mali west Africa, I was drilling holes in Buckets for irrigation kits.

“Hey Coulibaly! (my African name). Why are you drilling a big hole in all those buckets?, a Traoré asked me as he watched me work.

“Traoré’s are weak, and can’t carry heavy loads, so I drill the hole in all the buckets of my Traore friends so the buckets of water are lighter. That way the Traorés can carry them.” , I replied.

There is a tradition of “joking cousins” here in Mali. Once waring families in ancient times are now to say smart lines on each other as a kind of friendly insult, instead of physical fighting. It’s all to be good natured fun, but you are suppose to be creative and get the other good.

We all laugh, and are the best of friends in the process.

I recieve as good as i dish out.

Love To Hear From You

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