Tumbler Pornography – Politics – & Marriage

I have been growing increasingly tired of Facebook. I have been pondering how much time it takes from my life. I actually use the medium more to preserve quotes I read from books, to the displeasure of more than a few people. I shared very little original thought there.

My tension with Facebook has little to do with connected friends, of whom i would never be able to touch base with otherwise. In this respect Facebook is a gift.

However, we all live the Facebook tension. Where we think we are connecting, but we are not really communicating with most of our “Friends” at all. FB ends up being a tidbit voyeurism where we look to see what they are up to that day, but we rarely send a note.

A person informed me they heard rumors of a mutual friends personal struggle from some gossip chain. Upon hearing the “news” they immediately scanned the persons Facebook feed, and those in his family, searching for any hints to what the issue might be, or if there really was one. I was informed. “Well, there is nothing on Facbook about it.”. I rest my case. Voyeurism!

The algorithms and click bait are my main struggle. The political and agenda biases, the red herrings that get people chasing after the latest issues of neo-liberal identity politics, or some right wing agenda. Most of us live in the middle. No, people in our communities these days are not out bashing gays, or Muslims. Canadians know better than that for the most part now. The comments we do hear are easily corrected with a word of caution from us.

My son introduced me to this.” The first person to call the other person a Nazi (Racist), looses.”

The more I verify the sources the more I realize media is indeed a spin. Journalists are selling an ideology. Very few reporters are simply reporting the facts anymore. Few present both sides of an argument to inform us of the issues, so we can make up our own minds. Journalism is a brainwashing industry now. If I hear the term Nazi, or racist labeling going in an interview – I shut it off. Intelligence has lost.

When I read about someone being called a Nazi, or racist, or wacko liberal now, I have started to go to the sources. What I am finding is that the tremendous over exaggeration, misrepresentation, vilification, at times out right lies even, are so apparent that I not longer trust journalists and media of any wing. I also discovered that the true reporters are now operating outside of the mainstream media, because both the right and left hate them. I have stumbled on many amazing reporters using YouTube channels (Like Tim Pool, and The Ruben Report). They are fair, reasonable and willing to have a peaceful conversation, to hear sides. They are refreshing. The internet, and uncensored or manipulated media such as this, will be the new journalism, the survival of journalists. I though the blog was dead as a medium. I was so wrong. Better news and analysis of issues is happening from concerned and competent bloggers. I have discovered a good few I follow now.

Also finished this book. Ezra Levant (Shakedown) can be a blowhard. Neo-Liberals love to hate him. However, as I wrote earlier, I have been going to the sources themselves (The ones the left or right rail against, I believe , probably have the best reasoned arguments). Ezra might be a blowhard. However, he is not stupid, nor unmeasured, nor unreasonable. Mark Steyn is another such person.

Everyone should be concerned about government overreach and censorship.

This book should be read by every person who cares about how law should work, and that one law, ONLY ONE, under proper non biased legal procedures, should be the same for all. Anyway, Ezra made many valid points in the book. I am thankful for blowhards like him. He protects my freedom. In both Levant’s and Steyn’s cases, both taken before the Human Rights Commissions, they were an authoritarian, if not outright totalitarian farce; probably the single greatest cases for protection of the freedom of speech (And Press) we have had in some time in Canada. I was horrified how far down the censorship road Canada had gone. I was not even aware at the time it was taking place. And now I see bills like C103 taking us right back down that path again where Islam is receiving broader mention and protection by tossing examination and criticism as Islamophobic. No one actually defines the term. So it will be broad and sweeping. Some muslims are approaching C103 as a victory toward islamic anti-blasphemy law, as the concept of discrimination has no word in Arabic.

This book should be read by all, to understand the implications of limiting free press as was the goal in the charges against the Western Standard and Macleans with Steyn and Levant being pinpointed by islamic group and individuals who seek to indoctrinate their faith, and silence examination and expressed opionions of this religion (Islam is a religion – not a race of people.) Examinations and voiced opinions, both positive and negative, of which no other faith is accorded the same protection as these islamists were demanding.

“In a society such as Canada that fetishizes politeness and moderation, Free Speech can be hard to stomach. But that is the price you pay to live in and intellectually vibrant society that is safe for intellectual dissidents and other would-be reformers. We don’t need laws to control the more reckless users- or abusers – of free speech. The community itself will naturally marginalize people who are excessively rude or bigoted. Such informal mechanisms – not section 13- (Hate speech- Was in Human Rights Commission code until it was repealed) explain why it’s no longer socially acceptable to be a bigot in polite Canadian Society.

The occasional rough edges that come with freedom of speech are constantly exaggerated by those who would seek to control that speech. But the trade-off they would propose namely, having a government agency so powerful and so omnipresent in our lives as to be able to investigate, prosecute, and punish dissident ideas – is a much more troubling danger than the odd vicious comment or reactionary sermon. If the choice is between individuals using their freedom of speech hurtfully and an all-Seeing Big Brother watching our words and thoughts, I know which society I’d rather live in. You can always ignore a racist. You can’t escape from the government.” (Ezra Levant. Shakedown)

Anyway, back on subject. I simply deactivated my Facebook account. Not sure when I will go back. There are people I can only communicate and connect with there, so that concerns me. Also my Invisible Humanitarian Page is there, as well as the page for the humanitarian organization I work for. I am cut off from updating both now. However, the time I save myself is wonderful. Posting things that, for the most part, people could not give a hoot about, unless Facebook largely consists of silent voyeurs, versus conversationalists.

Just as well i had more time. I was lacing the webbing into my one hundred new lobster traps the last two weeks. Did remarkably well on blisters this year. However, by the end my hands were glowing red with every fleck of callus rubbed off. But my shoulders and the tendons in my forearms were very stiff and sore each day. But the upside is that this gave us opportunity to get caught up on a ton of podcasts I was behind on.

One such social media guru was being interviewed and he reminded us that if a product is free. Like Facebook, Tumbler, etc. the product is not their website. If we are on some social media site for free. he informed usThe real product is you.”

He explained how our time, our search habits, how many milliseconds we might terry over an image, what colors draw peoples attention for one tenth of a second longer, are all being tracked and monitored. 1000 points are being measured every nanosecond, so that the algorithms kick in to give you more of what draws you in. This enables them to give you more exposure to advertising, gather activity information etc. This information is all sold, or to use against you for commercial, political, ideological and monetary purposes. He was a deep insider with all the major companies you and I know. He said the intent is not innocent, it is to market our every breath and activity.

I listened to this hour long interview about a week after I deactivating Facebook. So it affirmed some of the wisdom of my choice.
The Down side. My Tumbler Story.

So now that I no longer was storing quotes on my FB feed (I could care less if people read them or not) I was still having a social media hangover, so was craving some kind of mindless down time activity. Tumbler fit the numbing mindless bill perfectly.

I had set up a tumbler account a few years back, but could never get into it. At the time our internet was so slow it took forever to load images. So I gave up. However, I began surfing and sharing photos about a week ago on my account.

At first Tumbler was a much more stress free medium than Facebook. No news feeds, no politics, no agenda or identity ideologies. You just mindlessly scroll along. However, it didn’t take long to get into trouble. Things I learned.

1. About 85% of Tumbler users are women. Tumbler is a predominantly female medium. But there are so many amazing images there. Great photography.

2. Pornography is everywhere on Tumbler. Women are into Pronography big time too. You will be scrolling through an innocent feed with image of sunsets, beaches, flowers, mountains, a log cabin, food and then tits, and lingerie, vaginas, penis in ass, and mouths too.

In one week of Tumbler, I saw dicks of all sizes, tits and vaginas of all shapes. Dick GIFS probing vaginas, ass, and rammed into women mouths. Semen, lesbian and gay acts of every sort. You just can’t not see it on tumbler.

Let me get blunt here as a man. I am about to write about something we just like to ignore, because it is uncomfortable for us. But here it is.

I like vagina, I like my penis in vagina. Oral sex (blow jobs and “Going Down” -Cunnilingus) is probably an awesome feeling in many peoples opinion. As a man I love seeing breasts, curves, vaginas, labia, and women in Lingerie. I like to touch them all too. Iam wired that way as a man. I have it in me. I could look at pretty girls…….ALL……DAY…….LONG!
After a week on Tumbler I realized, I just can’t avoid pornography, as much as I tried. You check a Tumbler feed that is innocent, then there is that image is tossed in there. It just slaps me in the face. I am not joking.

I told my wife about it too. I told her I learned women’s dirty little secret from Tumbler. They are into pornography too. They like images of Cunnilingus, some like mild sadomasochism. Some women obviously look at male dicks, and ribbed abs pumping a woman in every orifice all day long too, because they are posting GIFS of it all over the place. I explained how I saw more vaginas, breasts and nipples of all sizes, shape, perkiness, and color in one Tumbler week than I ever encountered in the last ten years combined on the internet.

It made me feel dirty.

If you are concerned about pornography as a man or woman. You might check your tumbler out of your activity. I had to after one frigging week.

3. It gobbles up your life. Where I could scroll through Facebook or Instagram and be up to date in five minutes, and walk away. Tumbler often saw me sitting there for an hour, totally oblivious to how much time I was spending in scrolling and sharing to my profile.

The social media experts words of warning that, “You are the product” was ringing in my ear. My time, views, lingerings, shares, and hesitations is their information now, their money, and they were recording every habit, to the millisecond. They know when I right click, left click, scroll, or hesitate on an image.

So I deactivated my Tumbler Account and removed the Tumbler App from my phone after one week.

I have the real thing in my life. I don’t need my attention drawn away from her and pleasing her. She alone deserves my sexual attention, creativity, effort and imagination.

(I came to thinking this week that Porn must be the major internet driver)

I am not here to debate or condemn your habits. I am telling you my story.

So here I am with only Instagram left on my phone as a “Social media”. I am finding I am reading even more often. I pick up my phone and realize I have very little reason to pick it up anymore, unless I am sharing a picture to Instagram, or reading a kindle book.

I feel kind of free. A weight has fallen off my shoulders. I like this freedom.

Unfortunately, I may never see nor hear from so many people again.
I guess there might be a happy medium I can return to on Facebook. But I will see when that happens.

I am still on messenger, so anyone on Facebook can still contact me there. Will see who actually misses me, notices, or cares about my absence.

“…all men need enough silence and solitude in their lives to enable the deep inner voice of their own true self to be heard…” Thomas Merton

I am currently reading

  • Bible. by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  • The Gulag Archipelago. 3 Volumes. by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
  • 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote To Chaos, Jordan Peterson.
  • The Barefoot Sisters: Southbound – Adventures on the Appalachian Trail. Lucy and Susan Letcher
  • Aloof, Tony Kriz
  • The Naked Now, Richard Rohr
  • A history of Philosophy Volume 1. Frederick Copleston

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