Lobster Fever

What a refreshing day seeing the sun shine again. The wind is still very cold, easterly wind is right off the sea ice.

We were one of the first Fishermen to get our lobster gear tagged and stacked at the wharf in Tignish, Prince Edward Island. We are ready for loading day.

The buoys are hauled up and ready as well.

This year we have new regulations in place. Our lines have to be no smaller than six traps to a string. Does not bother me any as I used six and seven trap lines all along. Made fifty new trap lines last summer. About $4500 worth of rope, and they were all six trap lines. Some other fellas are upset, as they has four and five trap strings and could spread their gear all over the place.

However, this will mean less rope and buoys on the water, and that is very good news for whales and the ecosystem,

Was working on my new lights on the boat today as well.

Hauled my new $2200 suitcase out of storage too. It’s a three man life raft I bought in the fall. The Department of Transportation made them law for inshore this year. That and three new survival suits added up to a hefty bill. But I will be mounting that on the top of the boat cabin tomorrow. Has a hydrostatic auto release etc. If the boat goes down. Told my wife that when I retire I’m taking it to a white water river, tossing it in, and pulling the ripcord just to watch it blow open. Then I’m sailing down stream in it.

Went online and registered my new EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). Hope this EPIRB never has to ping a satellite, as it will mean we are going down, if it does.

Anyway, will not bore you anymore. But I’ve been enjoying my day. The fishing fever is coming on.

Love To Hear From You

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