Why I Erased Twitter and Facebook

Have you ever did a radical flip? A picture is worth a thousand words.

I erased my Facebook once again. This week I set a Google Chrome Extension, “Social Book Post Manager” loose on my Facebook profile. In 2012 I had an android app on my phone i cut lose to erase 2007-2011 for me. That was a restart.

It took the about four days with my bad internet connection, but it cleaned out 99% of anything I liked, commented on, shared, or posted. That adds up to about 4000 clicks of various kinds per year. I kept a few token photographs for the past year or so, but from 2007-2012 it is a blank slate.

This morning I set Twitter Archive Eraser (Freeware) loose and in ten minutes it purged all my likes, shares, posts and direct messages in under ten minutes. just under 6000 entries total. Be aware that a few online websites offer to do this for free, looking all shiny with very professional websites. However, they do harvest your information and develop a key to identify your account and use it to track you forever. Read their security policy! You give all your information to them.Don’t use them,ever!

I had two twitter accounts, one for the InvisibleNGO, and the other for Man of Peace Development, the humanitarian agency I worked for. I now have only one account, with a fresh start.

Just look at my tweet numbers now…….

As you can see I did not chose to deactivate and disappear forever. Though, I did deactivate for several weeks to think about this whole issue. I asked myself about how and why i use social media as i do, and i came to a few conclusions.

Now the real questions

  1. What drove you to delete?
  2. What are the new rules now?

Why delete? Are you expecting me to write about some concern over security or privacy? We never had either and never will, and I knew it all the time. This is not it.

I posted so many quotes and things from what I read and it is clear to me that most people just don’t need it nor want it.

I actually study and identify, not the surface agenda driven news, but the worldviews, the philosophical ideologies that drive the actions, words, beliefs, or behaviors. A worldview is our assumptions about reality, truth, God, man, life, truth, relationships and the universe.

Unfortunately, so many haven’t a clue about the worldview driving anything today. There are reality assumptions, worldview beliefs, behind every single action and spoken word, it runs deeper than what we see playing out in front of us in this instant in time.

Worldviews are an either or. It can’t be both, as they are opposites. If “A” is true, then “B” or “C” are not.

People are not aware of the living contradictions we sometimes walk around with, especially when we try to pick and choose beliefs, our assumptions about reality, from conflicting sources just because it serves our purpose at the time, freely changing that worldview in another context as it gets us what we want. People are unaware that this does not create a very cohesive approach to life, relationships, politics, humanity, and the universe etc. We live contradictions, and the only way to resolve them is to not think too deeply about life. Do we really want to live that numb an existence?

I read worldviews for a living. I lived in Canada but have also worked among seven different language groups, in three different countries in West Africa. From Animists, to 100% Muslims. My life has been nothing but trying to pinpoint the worldview, the view of reality, in everyone I work with. Determining the world view behind this belief, this action, this fatalistic approach to life, this religion, this animal sacrifice, this mosque call, this method of farming, this cycle of life, this view of men’s roles, women’s roles, that droves village politics, of elders and Chiefs.

I rarely speak about worldview analysis because it is too much information for most. Seems too intense

However, I could go on and on about how I have to analyze worldview as a teacher, as a humanitarian worker. My success as a development worker is not in what I do. My success is found in why i do things the way I do them, because of an understanding of their worldview. How well I understand a persons (Peoples) worldview, determines how we act or speak, how we role out a drought season irrigation garden. Did you know that a drought season gardening is a worldview assault to certain assumptions about life?

This my friends is the difference between two poverty reduction agricultural development projects Some are helping the poor and toss their projects, oblivious to the worldview assumptions that will cause this project to work or fail accordingly.

The good International worker is always seeking the worldview driving the people he is working with. Then asking,

  1. Can I present this in the way they understand reality and life?
  2. Do certain assumptions about life (worldview), rhythms of life, farming need to be changed to succeed?
  3. Can I change the worldview assumptions, and if so how?
  4. Should I seek to change their worldview on this at all? If so, how much time will it take, and do I have, to do this?
  5. How will these assumptions manifest in five years time.

This my friends was my job when I was a church minister, then a teacher, then a missionary, then a leadership development worker, and these last ten years as a humanitarian development worker as well. My experience tells me that workers who think like this do amazing things, those who do not see the depth that ideology and philosophy (Worldview) play, never do much of depth.

What assumptions about the world drives people? This is life’s way to deeper understanding.
I am not stupid. I may be a fisherman, my grammar may not be right good ;-), I may butcher four languages as I speak, I may not live in a city, nor care to ever do so. But I have been around, and i read a lot.

I have studied things so many never get to. I have been tested for IQ twice at a universities psychology department and I have an IQ of 130. Nothing amazing, but it is above average, so I do think clearly, and can process quite well what I experience or set to analyze.

Therefore, I resent it when people think I have adopted views because of heritage, or my surroundings, or brainwashing in my upbringing. I have done much more digging than the average Joe ever has, or will, into my beliefs and assumptions about life, at a very deep level. So yes, I resent it when people talk like I’m a rural bimbo. I have been around the world doing things you could only do in your dreams. Doesn’t make me better. But needn’t think I do not have intelligent and informed assumptions about life, Islam, religion, politics, government, marriage, or sex etc. (I have worked with a ethnic group in a rain forest with very permissive sexual morals, and approaches to entering marriage – nothing new under the sun)

No, I believe what I believe about the universe because it makes sense to me. I won’t accept contradictions, yours or mine.

There are ideologies I outright reject, because I do not like, nor agree with the worldview that drives them, or where it leads a life. In some cases I feel they are very harmful and others damaging. I have seen worldviews that diminish human life, freedom, productivity, both in real life and history, and on two continents. I reject those philosophies of life for an intelligent reason.

So, what I reluctantly admitted in my social media down time is something I knew all along. Social media is not a place of discussion, but of indoctrination, seduction, and moderation. It is marketing at its best, and we are the product. They are selling everything about us, and then selling that information to those who would market select worldviews back to us. Facebook, and twitter is not a learning or discussing medium, no one denies this, they are selling a slant back to us as well. There is a worldview bias under each platform, half information at best, their “truth” always. This trend is going to get much much worse with rising censorship. The chaos is just beginning.

Therefore, i am treating these mediums for what they are.

What I will be doing from now on.

  • I will post pictures
  • I will post about hikes, motorcycle rides, outdoor adventures, and fishing.
  • I will share my trivial life. Nothing more.

What I will not be doing.

  1. I will try to never share a website article to my Facebook again. Be it news, science, or otherwise.
  2. I will try to not click like, or give any more reaction (Ha ha, anger, sadness or tear emojis) to any post or comments.
  3. I will try not to express nor challenge worldview assumptions, or point out worldview contradictions anymore.

Here is the new dull, generic, social media me. With out perceptibile opinions or convictions.

I’ll Be As Dull as a Poor Garden Hoe.

However, don’t mistake this for a lack of worldview analysis or informed conviction on my part. My new social media presence should be amazingly palatable to the conforming masses.

You will like the new trivial social media me much better, I assure you.

Nothing to be offended by any more. There won’t be enough substance to cause that.


Love To Hear From You

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