Marriage Advice From The Fisherman’s Shanty: Tip #10 Be Russian Lenin For A Woman

Good old Communist Chivalry…..

A conversation I had with my wife in 2013.

Andy: Do you feel loved today?
Lynn: Yes I Do.
Andy: Did you feel loved yesterday?
Lynn: I don’t remember yesterday.
Andy: Good!

I’ve read many horrifying things wherever communism has ruled.

However, Lenin had this right. Lenin certainly gave Stalin a good gentleman’s warning.

I’d behave like Lenin on this one. Not because I think women can’t defend themselves, or put up with an ass when they prefer not to make an issue (like we all chose to do at times).

I think protecting a woman who is the focus of our love and care, and she has accepted it as so, is the manly thing to do.

Might not be very feminist of me, but I don’t care.

Way to go Lenin, on love!

“Dear comrade Stalin!
“You permitted yourself a rude summons of my wife to the telephone and a rude reprimand of her. Despite the fact that she told you that she agreed to forget what was said, nevertheless Zinoviev and Kamenev heard about it from her. I have no intention to forget so easily that which is being done against me. I need not stress here that I consider as directed against me that which is being done against my wife. I ask you, therefore, that you weigh carefully whether you are agreeable to retracting your words and apologizing, or whether you prefer the severance of relations between us.”


~ Read by – Nikita Khrushchev. Speech, “On the Cult of Personality and Its Conssequences.” 1956. At the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU February 24-25 1956, Khrushchev delivered a report in which he denounced Stalin’s crimes and the ‘cult of personality’ surrounding Stalin. This speech would ultimately trigger a world-wide split:

Another conversation my wife and I had while working in Mali, West Africa, during a war, and Jihadists at work.. she was having IPad problems…..

“Did you shut it off and turn it back on?” I asked

“No!”, was her reply.

“Shut it off… turn it on…. It always works.”, I said.

“Is that your solution to everything?’ she asked.

“I’m here to help walk you through the easy life babe!” I Replied.

That got me a dumbfounded look, then rolling eyes…..

I guess saying that to Lynn. while in an African country most workers evacuated from, going through war with Jehadists … She might have a LITTLE reason to question my comment.

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