Five Kilometer C25K Run Challenge

I can hike all day. A brisk eight kilometer hike leaves me feeling fine and my legs feel very little strain.

However, when you add running it changes everything for a big guy like me.

So, I began a Couch To Five Kilometer running app today (C25K). It eases you into the ability to run 5K in eight weeks. I’ve used a similar program before and they really work.

It begins day one like this.

  • 5 minute warmup walk.
  • 1 minute of running.
  • 1.5 minutes of brisk walking (Repeat run/walk pattern six times)
  • 5 minute Cool down walk

You end up covering over 2k on day one of the program. With nine minutes of brisk walking and six minutes of running sandwiched between a five minute warm up and cool down.

Then it slowly builds up and varies the run and walk duration to build up your stamina.

I don’t know what it is about running but my legs and shins feel it so much more on this 2K training pattern than any 8K hike. I am ready when the app tells me to stop the run and begin walking again. I don’t feel my heart is racing, nor am I out of breath in the least. The leg muscles, the shins especially can’t do what my breathing and heart tell me I can. I guess those advance faster than tendons and muscles, so my wife tells me.

I’ll see if i can do all eight weeks. With fishing season soon to begin. It’s a long hard exhausting day at sea and it’s hard to stay motivated.

After my Couch To 5K running program took me about 2.5K, I kept walking for another 2.5 km for fun. Those additional 2.5 kilometers did not bother my shins and legs at all. But those 1 minute runs… wow.

Anyone want to join me? Let’s compare notes.

Cheer me on.

Let’s see how long i stick to it.

Here’s to better health.

Love To Hear From You

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