C25K Reflections Week #3

C25K – Couch To Five Kilometers.

I am not a natural runner, and never will be. I am a very big framed guy, even when I am thin. Certainly weighing 270lbs (I’m bones at 200lbs) does not help.

I am on week three, day two of the C25K running program.

I began last Wednesday, and did the program eight days straight to today. The program is designed to run three days a week, but I had been hiking 5-8k, and snowshoeing all winter,  so I felt I had a little fitness in place, enough to run/walk through the baby steps in the first few weeks of the C25K program every day without the rest days in between. I decided to run every day until I hit a place in the program where I was really being stretching.

My thought seems to be verified. I did the first few weeks without much issue. However, today i hot the stretch point. Today my shins were killing me, so I will probably need to skip tomorrow.

The C25K program works. I did it about eight years ago.

C25K Observations To Date

  1. The C25K is  much better workout than hiking longer distances. –  I hiked 8.3 the other day, but the first day of the C25K (covering 30 minutes, with only 6 minutes of actual running, and a little over 2.3 km distance each day in week #1) is a much better workout than a the much longer hikes i was doing. My shins and legs experienced a much better workout, even though I was not out of breath at all, nor was my heart was racing in the program yet.
  2. C25K gives me Energy all day. – I don’t know why it is, but since day one of C25K I have been more jazzed after a much shorter distance covered in the  run-walk program than from hiking three times the distance.  I feel energized for the rest of the day.
  3. My core feels tighter and my posture has already improved.
  4. I am loosing weight.  I have not changed my eating much at all.

Today, Week #3, day #2 was this pattern.

  • 5 min brisk walk
  • 1.5 min run – 1.5 min walk
  • 3 min run – 3 min walk
  • 1.5 min run – 1.5 min walk
  • 3 min run – 5 min cool down

I was not sure I could keep going on the final three minute run today. But I did! Also, I went a little further and faster over all than yesterday, which I never though I could do.

However, I have now reached the point where I need to pace myself and run three to four days a week as C25K suggests.  I was rushing ahead because I set lobster gear this coming Monday. After a day at sea on a rolling boat my legs and core get a real workout as it is, so I am not sure how motivated I will be to keep going on a C25K, though I really, really want to stick to it.

I feel so much better!

Cheer me on!

Love To Hear From You

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