Could I Have A Sack Of Flour Instead of This Medal?

“The problem is the coercive power of the state…… having the government negotiate on our behalf,  which is a problem,  because, well,  the government doesn’t negotiate, it uses force to compel people to obey…..”  – Stefan Molyneux

The government will take your money by force, by law, by mandatory taxes, and then transfer that wealth to other people. Government is into the business of creating laws that result in the forcible redistribution of wealth, which is why lobbyists are hired, and identity groups form, they wish to benefit from this forcible transfer of wealth and any laws to benefit them so.

The “reformation” of the agriculture system, the forced seizure of farm land from farmers, and the formation of the collective farming method was totted as a way to redistribute food to all. However, history now tells us that those who worked hard in that system had suffered with little food for their own table.

“Another peasant, with six children, met a different fate. Because he had six mouths to feed he devoted himself wholeheartedly to collective farm work, and kept hoping he would get some return for his labor. And he did – they awarded him a decoration. They awarded it at a special assembly, made speeches. In his reply, the peasant got carried away. He said, “Now if I could just have a sack of flour instead of this decoration! Couldn’t I somehow?” A wolflike laugh rocketed through the hall, and the newly decorated hero went off to exile, together with all six of those dependent mouths.”  –  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The Gulag Archipelago. Vol 1.

When we rely on the government to give us what we want, we are heading down a path of punishment.  All government does is make laws, and severely punish those who disobey them. Government is basically, in its simplest activity this mechanism of law and punishment at work. 

I don’t like this mechanism much at all.  If unchecked, government becomes more and more intrusive, so, government requires correction from time to time. I think twice before asking my government to do anything. I would rather compel people, by conversation, debate, and information to appeal to a greater sensibility.

I think I have finally hit the foundation of why I despise the  Liberal Party, and particularly Justin Trudeau, so much. They are so willing to make more and more punitive laws to force people to adopt their opinions and worldview, also, too easily willing to run huge deficits that require more and more of our money, and thus enslave us to the state more and more.   Do I think conservatives are superior? In many ways I am voting for the lesser of two evils as well. However, I vote for a party who seeks to be less intrusive into peoples lives, gives people more choices, that takes balanced national spending and debt seriously.

I read this about Communist control of education.

“They even went after the school teachers. In Sverdlovsk one case involved thirty secondary schoolteachers and the head of the Provincial Education Department, Perel. Five of them died before trial from tortures suffered during interrogation. Twenty-four died in camps. The thirtieth, Ivan Aristaulovich Punich, returned after his released and rehabilitation. Had he died, we would have known nothing about the thirty, just as we know nothing about millions of others.”  – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The Gulag Archipelago. Vol 1.

There is no negotiation with ideologues in Government.

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