Is Iqra Khalid Promoter of Motion M-103 Islamaphobia Bill Really a Moderate?

I went digging to know for myself….
Iqra Khalid is a Canadian Liberal politician who forward the M-103 Islamophobia Bill. She proudly said on a CBC Interview she wrote The Constitution of the Muslim Students’ Association at York University, as its founder and president.
Media keep telling us she is a progressive Muslim not a traditionalist.
SO I went digging….. I went looking for that constitution she talked about.
I work with, and have many Muslim friends I love dearly, and to the death. I lived in a 90% Islamic nation for seven years off and on, and had Muslim friends for 25 years.
I know Wahhabism, I’ve seen it,  and my wife has had interactions with Men of this mindset. I have had to extract my wife from the presence of such radical men who were totally disrespectful – never to return to their home again.
I know what these words in this document mean, having lived and worked with Muslims for almost a decade.
You can’t hide this stuff, and then call people fear mongering.
After reading this document she penned, it is reasonable to ask Iqra Khalid if she is a progressive. It is a valid question that should be answered.
I worked in a country with peaceful Muslims I love (the vast majority), and their nation is being ripped apart by extremists. Therefore, I am not bullied into pretending it does not exist. I have seen it.; seen Moderate Muslims persecuted for not being “Pure Enough”.
I was looking for the some light, and where the bullshit might be. I know many Muslims do not believe this stuff…. But I know others do. I lived the fact.
It is reasonable to have questions after reading this document.  I’d suggest it would be unreasonable not to.
The reason we can’t debate some Islamic beliefs and practices is because they are so vile, so brutal, so  misogynistic, and so contrary to western values that they can’t stand exposure to scrutiny and light. So the path forward is to treat it all as Blasphemy. Vile practices and beliefs can’t stand the test of light, exposure, or debate.
In the articles she wrote:
The MSA is a mainstream Sunni Islamic Association that follows and adheres to the Qur’an and
Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf.   (SALAF is VIP Andy here, this is an 18th century Wahhabi movement advocating a return to the traditions of the salaf, who are the first three generations of scholars after the Prophet Muhammad)
The MSA will organize events in accordance with the Shari’ah. Any innovations in religious
matters or “modernisation” will not be acceptable, as Islam is a way of life for all times and places
and hence is not subject to being outdated or needing reform.
The Executive shall strive to adhere to the Shari’ah.
Directors shall strive to adhere to the Shari’ah.

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