Why The Free Press Isn’t Free – Fear!

Kennedy had it right!

The #FreePress protest is hypocritical.

They really don’t like the same scrutiny they dish out. The press is not above examination. I know it hurts because journalists have rarely experienced this. Doing internal self examination is not the same as an external examination, now is it?

As a former clergymen, missionary, and even NGO i have felt the society wide anxious examination.

The Press have caved in on free press repeatedly by suppressing voices, cheering the censorship of too many speakers or writers, repeatedly failed to publish information for public evaluation because of extremist groups threats, or withheld uncomfortable facts that might lead people to conclusions unpalatable to them personally.

They have failed to support people attacked for using their “free press” (expression) opinions, or even jailed for free expression and said little when it does not fit their ideology.

Unfortunately, the only #FreeExpression many of us stand for is our own.

To come to informed conclusions i truly feel I can’t trust we received all the truth and deep information from most press anymore. Especially around a half dozen key topics that triger oposing ideologs. Articles are often trite, shallow, and often been run through an ideology filter for us. More narration than information.

On a difficult subject or happening, we, more often than not, have to do the deep digging ourselves on real hard issues, because we know the press often mould and withhold many pieces of information.

Therefore, if we have to do the hard work to get all sides of a story, to gather basic, and at times critical facts of a story they leave out, well, this is exactly why much of “The Press” is obsolete and many journalists are frankly not worth the money.

I watched how the “Press” launched a self-promotional and virtue signalling campaignin the US yesterday. One they sat in a room and hashed out as they sooked over their lattes.

Press, you can’t monetize drivel.

I don’t pay you for propagating your ideology. I may or may not share or like your opinion. Stop shoving it down my throught insisting i need it.

Your value is from the center, looking to both sides and simply telling what happened, reporting , reporting EVERYTHING we know. Ehat was said and done, with some basic analysis sure.

Allow us the freedom to let the facts of an event, or the words of a voice, to take us to our own conclusions, rather than insisting we land on your conclusion.

You did not need to tell us the importance of, “Free Press!” We get this. You are there to expose information…. everything you can find.

But you are not hearing what we are telling you. We don’t need “Free Press”. What we need is,

“Good Free Press”.

“Nonpartisan Free Press”

Like a minister who mounts a pulpit on Sunday morning who is not to disseminat his opinions, made up doctrines, or share whimsy new thoughts. No, Rather he is there only to impart the story of the ancient book. He is a transmission vessel of the ancient story, not his story.

You are not to be the maker of the story, Press. You are the vessel of transmission and your value is found in how truthfully, clearly and concisely you can pass it on.

Kennedy nailed it!

“We welcome the views of others. We seek a free flow of information across national boundaries and oceans, across iron curtains and stone walls. We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

– U.S. President Kennedy

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