Well, That Wasn’t Real Marxism?

The arrogance of the modern Socialist is that they truly believe they are better people, less corruptible by power and selfishness, than anyone else. I don’t believe this about myself, nor anyone proposing to force something on me for my own good. This is why I fear deep power in Government.

Then, I see how Progressive Socialists and Right Winders treat their perceived ideological “enemies”. We see their seething don’t we? We see their bitter glances and hateful naming, all of which they try to hide most times, but it leaks out of them all eventually, just like it does the rest of us.

This alone is why socialist ideologies are dangerous. They do not accept the evil and selfish potential that resides in us all; That we all would probably use power selfishly.

“….. it’s all socially constructed, which is really convenient if what to be the author of an entirely social constructed Utopia that you can run. And, then, when the Marxists say, “Well, that wasn’t real Marxism”, what it really means, and I thought about this for a long time, it’s the most arrogant possible statement anyone could ever make.

It means, “If I would have been in Stalin’s position, I would have ushered in the damn utopia instead of the genocidal massacres. Because, I understand the doctrine of Marxism and everything about me is good.”
Well, think again sunshine! You don’t understand it. You don’t understand it, and you are not that good. And, if the power was in your hands, assuming you had the competence, which you don’t, you wouldn’t have done any better, and even if you had, there would have been someone else waiting right behind you to shoot you the first time you actually tried to do anything good. And that is what happened to all the old guard who ran the damn Revolution. Stalin rounded them all up and shot them, along with their families and millions of other people.

So, even if you do happen to be that Avatar of moral purity that you claim implicitly, the probability that you’d act out your goodness in relationship to those possessed by your ideology is zero.”

– Jordan Peterson. But That Wasn’t Real Communism, Socialism, or Marxism”. Lecture. Available on YouTube.

One final Quote: Nietzsche predicted that socialist experiment would cost many millions of lives. He was right.

Socialism ― or the tyranny of the meanest and the most brainless, ―that is to say, the superficial, the envious, and the mummers, brought to its zenith, ―is, as a matter of fact, the logical conclusion of “modern ideas” and their latent anarchy: but in the genial atmosphere of democratic well-being the capacity for forming resolutions or even for coming to an end at all, is paralysed. Men follow―but no longer their reason. That is why socialism is on the whole a hopelessly bitter affair: and there is nothing more amusing than to observe the discord between the poisonous and desperate faces of present-day socialists―and what wretched and nonsensical feelings does not their style reveal to us! ―and the childish lamblike happiness of their hopes and desires.

– Nietzsche


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