Morning Coffee Conversations

Here are a few Conversations at my house this morning
“Was it 6:00 or 7:00 AM when you made coffee? Lynn asked.
“I don’t know.”, I replied.
“You don’t know?”, she inquired.
“No I don’t.”
I don’t live by a clock.
I’m rather free that way.”
The long drawn out laugh I received was something else.

My son is a gamer. He woke up the last few days with hundreds of messages from the people in his Final Fantasy guild. It seams some were sending pissy notes to others and it was causing considerable chaos among the members who were now appealing to my Guild Moderator son to assist in working things out before the guild fractured. He was wading though hundreds of messages trying to sort things out at 4:00 AM in the morning. I comment with my generations usual attitude toward gaming, “Why would you bother? Nothing there matters!”

“It kind of matters when one person becomes rather depressed and suicidal about it all, so it does actually matter when people articulate such things as suicide.”

Like, WOW!

I don’t claim I appreciate or understand the life of Online gaming. But that humbled me up a little. But only a little, and only for a few minutes it seems. Because, admittedly, unfortunately perhaps, the first thought that went though my head (which I did not articulate out loud at all) was, “Man, that is a symptom that you need to get a new life, if you take gaming so seriously that you are suicidal over what happens.”

I will be honest, a large part of me was thinking that the “Suicidal” person was just creating drama and attention, rather than expressing real thoughts. This, once again, probably shows my sever ignorance. What if I was wrong?

I am not certain you can train an old dog.

The good news is my son woke up this morning stating,

“Everything seems to be back to normal now. People are no longer fighting (nasty messages back and forth) and are back to posting pictures about their cats or threatening to eat their cats over something they are doing because they are Asian.”
– Moderator Of Final Fantasy Guild.

There is nothing racist about this comment, as the person expressing a desire to eat his misbehaving cat lives where people really do occasionally eat cats. The cat eating threat is as real as the suicide threat.

That is the convoluted world we live in. Our world has changed so much.

Love To Hear From You

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