If We Could Change Anything

An internet friend posted this today.

I met Stephen W Hill in person one time in Toronto a number of years back.

This was his morning insight and it made me laugh out loud.

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military/industrial complex” Frank Zappa….

And if that is not cynical enough for you,

“If voting mattered, do you think they would let us do it?”

May actually not be far from the truth….

Trudeau told people like me (A pro-life) that we have no place in the Liberal Party. His values test would include a half dozen other Social Justice Warrior issues as well.

My liberal government already wishes me not to vote or have influence on such things. This in a way is a form of totalitarianism.

Anyway, i related to Stephen’s Cynicism today. Lightened the burden a little.

I read something in the spiritual development relm that might apply.

“Presence is the one thing necessary, and in many ways, the hardest thing of all. Just try to keep your heart open, you’re mind without division or resistance, and your body not somewhere else. Presence is the practical, daily tasks of all mature religion and all the spiritual disciplines.

If you observe wise people, you see that they actually lose a certain interest in gathering more and more information, books, and news. These can clutter what is already at clear field, open sight, and simple presence to the moment.”

– Richard Rohr. The Naked Now

I think the more we ignore politics, and the hysterical media, we will be encouraged in better directions. They stir up too much hate and rage.

I’m going to enjoy today for what it is and be present with whoever might turn up on my path.

Love To Hear From You

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