A Wasted Life of Sneers and Jeers – Will You Eat Bugs Suzuki?

We sneer and Jeer, but we don’t change our lives.

My wife and I were watching a documentary about humans out growing the planets ability to feed it’s population, and the documentary proposed that insects may become the main food source in feeding humans on this planet – our only hope of survival in the future.

My wife was reading a book beside me as I watched David Suzuki wax on and on about the nutritional value of bugs. She was quite uninterested in my documentary. However, at one point she lifted her head and listened for a minute, looking rather reflective, and then put her head back down to continue her reading, but not before saying,

“Insects are only promoted as food for the “poor”. People with money, like you David Suzuki, will never eat insects, because the rich will eat the best, while they propose bugs as food for the rest of us.” Lynn Rayner

She continued her reading.

She is right, the rich will pay to offset their footprints, and still live in luxury. Only those who can’t offset the price, will have to change, be forced to, as the rich carry on in elegance.

Every person I know, even those the most “environmentally conscious”, are as hypocritical as I am. They have heated houses, cars, eat at cafe’s, and fine dine better than I can afford. They burn gasoline in their vehicle, travel far and often by airplane.

Unless you are Ekki, a German biologist i met in the jungle of West Africa. He rarely flew home because of the environmental cost a flight would inflict on the planet. This was in 1995. When his father died my co-worker and I both encouraged him to go home for the funeral. He said he wanted to, but could not justify the flight for such selfish and personal reasons. He walked the hard talk, twenty years ago.

This is exactly how seriously David Suzuki and Justin Trudeau speak. But they most certainly live contrary to their message.

Let’s face it, people like Justin Trudeau and David Suzuki have carbon footprints so elaborate they should leave us alone. They conserve no resources by their lifestyle. Their lifestyle carbon footprints are an exaggerated joke compared to the middle class. When it comes to conserving and saving, we seem to be talking about what others will be doing. They really don’t believe in the environmental or political socialism (Everyone is equal) they profess. They get to be the Bourgeoisie of the environmental and political socialist experiment.

Let the talkers lead the way, not in policy, but lifestyle -then in policy. Please demonstrate that you include yourselves in the planetary sacrifices of actually consuming less. Don’t try to sell me that you will be virtuous because you will simply pay more for the right. Take less, make less mess.
We don’t want your money waved as your right to consume……. we want your compliance, the same compliance you force on the poor, and on businesses. Take less, use less.
You first! You give up your car and take public transport. You stop flying to Europe on vacation, you stop consuming elegant food and eat bugs. Lead the way by example then I will follow. But I am not going to eat bugs, so that we raise less cows that eat less grass and grain, that burp and fart less methane, so that only the rich get to eat beef. The Justin Trudeau’s and David Suzuki’s of the world will always eat fish, beef and grain; certainly, not bugs. I sneer and Jeer at you.

You and I, the majority of the middle and low income class, will be the bug eaters in the equalized socialist order. Cows will still exist for the Elite’s steaks.

However, Justin Trudeau nailed his philosophy in his own words. All you have to do is keep taking away people’s money in taxes (middle to poor class of course) and they will make different choices. Continue to create massive debt so you can demand even more taxes in the future. and then slowly people will have to be demanded more tax. We are headed for servitude while these engineers dine.

Tax Canadians, then Canadian people will be pushed, by social and political engineering, into the position where they consume less, buy less, eat less meat, drive less; learn to do without.

But there will be no equality in this political and environmental socialism to save the earth. Suzuki and Trudeau’s have enough money to assure that they and their kids get to eat steak and fish for a life time. It doesn’t affect their own, so its easy to more forward.

Just observe those talkers. Just listen to them talk. Be silent for the next year and ask, will they eat bugs with me? Have they forgo their flights? Are they driving less to conserve fuel? Are they in one small home that uses less energy to heat?

The very fact that this mechanism of buying carbon credits exists, to offset your luxury, is because they can pay to consume what others have given up (like Ekki, who are few) or to consume a stolen opportunity from an African who was never given the ability to enjoy (my bush African friends) a flight to Paris, or steak, or the carbon footprint of a house with running water, heat, electricity, and AC. To tax carbon so a poorer person has to stay home more often because the state forced him too, while you drive as much as you wish because you can afford to pollute is not equal in any manner. It is capitalist through and through, where the wealthy win. There is no socialist aspect in it.

This is the grossest bullshit i have ever seen from environmental incentives.

They Virtue Signal…. we bought carbon credits to off set my flights for my vacation. We did our planet good. “See how environmentally responsible I Am?”


They should rather be ashamed. Here is why: The Suzuki’s and Trudeau’s will buy up the poor African’s opportunity (Credits) to enter 21st century life. Because in their poverty they will never be given the opportunity to become comfortable middle class with a car, a house with running water and electricity for AC and refrigeration. Suzuki and Trudeau’s luxury (Buying Carbon Credits) is at the expense (Stealing it) of another poverty ridden family being blocked from a decent life.

They are not consuming less, they are rather flaunting their elite status buy showing they can buy credits and still maintain the good stuff.  Sacrifice and change does not include them. Here us the rub. They have a mechanism that enables them to buy out of the sacrifice, (and the salt in the wound) and this mechanism actually makes them feel morally superior for having done so (I care about the environment more than you.) And they have given up money, but no personal consumption.  WOW

Bullcrap. Wake up Canada.

“Repudiating my father’s values, which were solidly bourgeois to the point of farce, I had repudiated the whole middle class and had wasted a lifetime’s energies in sneers and jeers….

– Moritz Thomsen. The Saddest Pleasure. A Journey On Two Rivers

We participate in much sneering and jeering these days. Smoke and mirrors; talk and rhetoric. Go live the less consuming life, or shut up. Talking about it is not a virtue, Buying out of conserving and consuming less is not sacrifice.

Moritz pulls back the curtain and exposes our hypocrisy. My hypocrisy, as I ate a hamburger in Mali that contained more meat protein, for my personal consumption, than a family of ten would consume in a whole week in Mali.

“There is no way to live with the illusion of being made happy by the things that one owns, especially in a country like Ecuador where a comparative handful of people own everything, without developing and armor of blindness that makes one not only insensitive but contemptuous of the overwhelming poverty through which one moves. Perhaps worse than the contempt is the hypocrisy of pretending to be outraged while living a life devoted solely to the consumption of things that almost the entire population is on able to enjoy. I am thinking of a recent dinner party in one of the more modestly priced French restaurants where each of us ate sixteen dollars worth of food while talking about the corruptions of the world and the plight of the poor Ecuadorian Indians, most of whom live in the absolute feudal degradation that arrived in the 1540s with the Spanish conquistadors. Talk about engaging in an orgy of unspeakable acts. Our sin was not in enjoying good food but was much more complicated and suggestive the whole disintegration of our moral sensitivities. How could we have left that restaurant stuffed like pigs and half-drunk on Chilean wine and French Brandy and not vomited the whole thing up in self-loathing when we encountered the barefoot citizens of Quito ransacking the garbage cans in deserted nighttime Avenida Amazonas? How strange and awful; we know that living this way is gross and unnatural but we keep on doing it.”

– Moritz Thomsen. The Saddest Pleasure. A Journey On Two Rivers

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