When Men And Women Cease To Transfer Skills To Children

Education is more than books, talking points and reading.

Education used to include virtue, and hands on practical skills through work exposure. But to learn how to insulate, plumb, or frame a wall; well, one actually has to stop reading, texting, gaming, youtubing, or hanging at the mall or bar long enough to actually join people who are build a wall, insulating a house, or are drilling, running and soldering copper pipes. You need to do it, say, over hree months of long hard weekends that begin at six in the morning, and end eight at night.

Being practically knowledgeable in tasks that actually build or repair actual physical products is actually hard work.

Like learning to run a chainsaw. Work felling, freeing hung up trees, clearing brush, moving heavy logs, stacking and loading sticks of fire wood until you almost vomit. Then you have learned how run a chainsaw to cut lumber, firewood, or clear land.

Exhaustion vomit is often part of the education process in trades skills.

“He had grown up differently from those others too, and he worked differently. His father had plowed the earth in the most literal sense.”
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The Gulag Archipelago. VOL 1.

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